Nurturing Healthy Practices: 4 Must-Have Fitness Apps on Your Smartwatch

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Today, we are living in a society that mostly relies on the development of technology. As we move forward, these advancements evolved in the form of portable technology, also known as smartwatch apps, which are capable of offering solutions to almost anything.  As such, innovations empowered us significantly that we can use them anytime and anywhere.

When it comes to lifestyle and fitness, there is a multitude of healthcare apps that you can choose from to improve your health and maintain a sound body. So, if you are planning to start your health program gradually, then here are some of the must-have health apps that you should know.


Cardiograph helps people who want to know about the status of their heart directly on their wrist. Mainly designed with Android Wear, this application allows its users to track and measure their cardiac rate data from the built-in sensor of their smartwatch.

This application measures your cardiac rate explicitly, gives you information on the speed of your heart, and follows your data. Also, Cardiograph can monitor the heart rate of different users in the same device that created a profile.


Endomondo is a personal fitness training application that allows you to get the best from your everyday walks, rides, runs, and other exercises. As you establish your fitness plans, the app gives you the appropriate training program straight from the wrist. 

It assists in tracking your exercises with the support of GPS, evaluates your status, and guides you to accomplish your objectives. In the workout summary, the Endomondo app displays essential stats related to distance, speed, time, calories burned, distance, and give you feedback for every exercise.

Furthermore, some fascinating social features allow you to interact with your buddies and share your fitness goals. Even cheaper than the cheapest Rolex, you can utilize your smartwatch to send voice commands, and you can personalize what information you first observe on your wearable. 

Although you can download the Endomondo app for free, you can also purchase its premium version for added features.

Water Drink Reminder

Is your daily water intake enough? Because the water we drink decides the health of our skin and allows us to stay fit. So you believe that there is an inconsistency in terms of your everyday water intake, then it would be best for you to download this app to help you track your water intake directly on your wrist. 

The Water Drink Reminder app will tell you the volume of water that you have to drink throughout your day and sets a personalized starting and finishing time to drink water every day. Once you have this app in your wearable, you will get a quick reminder to drink water in your tight schedule to help you stay hydrated.


If you want to stay aware of your diet patterns and health, then the Lifesum app will help you with that goal. This app gives a new platform that guides you in making and tracking your diet goals, calorie counter, healthy recipes, and food diary. 

Lifesum is an excellent approach towards good health and promotes an incredible nutrition method to help you reach your health and fitness goals conveniently.

To Conclude

Back in the era without smart devices, we could’ve never imagined that we would be capable of detecting and monitoring our health to help us stay top condition and free from diseases. 


Nowadays, wearable technology has become an essential factor in encouraging people to create their fitness and health goals, which fosters an ideal living. So, if you want to start your healthy living today, then here are some practical apps that you should have in your smartwatch.

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