Oceans One Resort Condos Available For Sale In Myrtle Beach

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Oceans One Resort Condos Available For Sale In Myrtle Beach

If you’re looking for elegance, comfort, luxury, and great views, the ocean one resort has it all. The owners of condos in the ocean one resort enjoy an upscale tower right in the center of the downtown area of myrtle beach. The building of this impressive 20story oceanfront was finalized in 2007.

These condos are very spacious and are a built-in resemblance to ultra-modern contemporary designs, with the best views when you’re looking from the living room and dining areas. These condos come with modern granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, private balconies, oversized closets, and continuous access to free Wi-Fi. Ocean one resort has all the amenities you could think of.

Oceans one resort condos are also a great investment plan and can be used as a source of income, you can rent it out to visitors who come visiting, and since Myrtle Beach never lacks visitors, that can be a regular source of a stream of income. You can also buy it as a second home.

Ocean Resort Floorplans

This 20story oceanfront resort contains 135 condos, including the penthouse level. The units include 19 three-bedroom units, 65 two-bedroom units, and 51 one-bedroom units. All the units have large spaced closets, free internet Wi-Fi, and are well furnished.

The three-bedroom units have two great private balconies, one in the living room area and the other in the master bedroom, with impressive views and a jacuzzi in the master bedroom. There can’t be anything more enjoyable than that. With its vast living space, I’m sure you’d love to have one of these. 

The two-bedroom flats also have a jacuzzi in their master bedrooms, some of the two-bedroom units are corner units, and they have about 50% floor to ceiling glass that gives the most extraordinary 180 degrees view of the coastline.

The one-bedroom units also have incredible views of the shoreline at the living room and dining room area with ample floor space and the modern contemporary units present in the other units.

The one-bedroom units are priced within the mid $200’s, the two-bedroom units are priced from the range of $300 to $400k, and the corner units are, as expected, the most expensive. At the same time, the three-bedroom units range from $400 to $500.

Asides from that, the whole condominium has access to an outdoor pool, kiddies pool, heated indoor pool, a lazy river, play area, and last but not least, a gym. With all these amenities, you’re sure to have fun, relax, rejuvenate and at the same time keep fit. That’s money well spent.


The ocean one resort is a great place to get a condo. It is located near the Family Kingdom Amusement Park and the 2nd Avenue Fishing Pier. And with its many amenities that allow you to play, have fun, and relax, you would agree with me that it’s a significant investment. To avoid the problems associated with buying, renting, or selling a condo, it is advisable to contact http://homeguidemyrtlebeach.com

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