Online Bingo: Complete Guide To Win At This Casino Game In 2021

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Very popular in North America, Bingo is getting increasingly popular among the online casino players globally. This lottery game, whose social virtues are highly praised, has taken on a new dimension in recent years thanks to the iGaming industry’s development. Accessible to a very diverse audience, online Bingo is now a virtual casino game in its own right, with all its playful and social potential and enormous financial potential. 

If you’ve never touched it before, don’t panic! As you will discover in this comprehensive dossier on the game, its rules are frankly very simple. And if you are ready to take the next step, this guide will show you the best strategies and tips to maximize your winnings in this game.

At the origins of the online bingo game

When we talk about Bingo, we cannot stop thinking of the large halls, with many players of all ages, all heads bent over numbered cards in hand, waiting for the announcement of the next number… Very frequent in American movies, these scenes reflect the reality of this game that ends with the same cry of joy for all winners: “Bingo”!

As we know it today as American, the game has not always been played in this way. In fact, during its five centuries of existence, Bingo has undergone some major changes. The origins of the game go back to the 16th century in Italy. 

Derived from lottery games highly appreciated by common people, it is then known under Lo Gioco Del Lotto’s name. At the time, it was probably gambling a lot and everywhere, even though it was a game of chance, and therefore forbidden by the self-righteous clergy of the time.

Until the 18th century, bingo did not appear in several European countries.However, it reached the circles of the bourgeoisie and the country’s nobility, who made it their reserve. The same happened in other European countries such as Austria, Germany and Spain, which were first perceived as a “game for the rich”. But this did not exclude its social dimension, since even then it encouraged encounters and exchanges.

The game is exported to North America via Mexico. But it is without a doubt in the United States where Bingo will take its current dimension. It first landed in the south, in Georgia, in the late 19th century.

 At that time, Beano was called Beano, for the beans used to mark the numbers called on the cards. At that time, 24 grids were played, and multiple winners could be obtained in each game.

In 1930, Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy manufacturer, proposed major modifications to the game. With the help of Carl Leffler, a friend and professor of mathematics at Columbia University, they created 6,000 different combinations, a feat that, according to legend, would have driven him crazy. The game takes on a new dimension, with only one winner per game.

In the United States, Canada and even Europe, this type of bingo is the most common today. The online bingo game that has been offered in virtual casinos since the late 90’s is an adaptation of it, with similar rules.

Online Bingo Games Rules and Procedure of the Games

Now that you know a little more about the history of online bingo games let’s move on to the practical phase, starting with the rules.

The basics of french online Bingo

In many countries across Europe, Bingo is played in the United States, with relatively simple rules and accessible to everyone. To play, you need balls numbered from 1 to 90 (or 80, 75 or 30 depending on the variant), different bingo grids (boxes with numbers printed on them), as well as chips.

Online Bingo’s theory is very basic. As the case may be, a machine (or a player may be) randomly selects a ball each turn. A town crier then announces the number is drawn and the grids on which the number is present. 

As a player, if the number is present on one of your grids, you must locate it and cover the square in which it appears, with one of the tiles provided to you at the beginning of the game. 

In this way, the game proceeds and when one of the players succeeds to fulfill a particular pattern. When this happens, the player in question must shout “Bingo”. After verification, if the numbers match those drawn, the player receives his winnings and can start a new game. If not, the game continues.

The course of a part of American Bingo online

The American Bingo online that ultimately is identical to the American Bingo is the most common version in virtual casinos. If you are going to play in paid mode, here is a summary of how things work:

  • Pick a nickname and avatar. The fact that you play online should in no way obscure the community side of Bingo because that’s what it’s all about. First of all, you will have to choose a nickname and a profile photo that will be visible to the other players in the bingo hall;
  • Select your bingo room: in the same spirit as the physical game, online Bingo takes place in virtual rooms;
  • Buy your bingo cards: a card corresponds to a bingo grid. Casinos usually sell them in batches or on books. In certain packages, however, it is even necessary to purchase individual grids. Keep in mind that the amount of your potential earnings depends on how much you invest in buying their networks;
  • Touch! Once you have purchased your grids, you can access the play area. Here you can choose to play in “manual” mode to experience all the excitement of the game. You will have to go ahead and check the boxes for the outgoing numbers yourself. But you can also play in “automatic” mode. The software will automatically dial outgoing numbers. You will also be automatically informed in the event of a winning combination, as well as the winner (s) at the end of the game. Your account will be credited automatically with the sum of your earnings if you are a participant. Otherwise, the amount of the transactions would be paid.

Strategies to optimize your real money winnings online bingo

If you’re going to win money playing real money bingo online … you’re going to have to be lucky; that’s a given. This game is mostly based on chance, and it must be integrated. However, as you can probably imagine, gaming enthusiasts have developed some strategies and have proven their worth. In Bingo, there are two:

The Granville method

Joseph Granville was a statistical mathematician. Passionate about Bingo, he developed one of the most famous strategies in the game. The option of the grids, according to this, is decisive for the results of the game. Rather than choosing them at random, Granville recommends selecting those that have both:

  • the same number of odd and even numbers between 0 and 9;
  • the same number of low numbers (below 38) as high numbers (above 38).

This strategy, which is based on probabilities, significantly increases the chances of the player doing Bingo. It should be remembered, however, that in the 75-ball Bingo variant, it is only successful.

The Tippet method

Statistical mathematician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippet developed the second best-known bingo strategy. Also based on 75 Ball Bingo, it recommends that players select their grids based on the duration of the game, as follows:

  • for short games: preference cards with more numbers near the ends (1 and 75);
  • for games that last: they favor cards with a maximum of numbers close to the average value, 38.

According to LHC Tippet, the longer the game lasts, the more likely it is that numbers close to 38 will be called.

7 tips for hitting the jackpot at an online bingo game

As you probably imagine, these two strategies are not the only secrets used to improve Bingo’s odds. Our bingo online game experts share with you here 7 little secrets that can help you win more often at this lottery game. They are as follows:

  1. Choose your variant carefully: As you will see below, there are several variants of Bingo online. Be careful to choose the game strategy that best suits your needs;
  2. Select your grids carefully: whatever your playing strategy, you will have to play with a wide variety of grids with different numbers or choose grids with almost identical numbers;
  3. Promote multiplayer bingo games with few participants: the fewer players, the more opportunities to win. Makes sense;
  4. Avoid playing on Fridays and weekends – these are the days when bingo halls are usually busiest. But as we said in the preceding tip, the less rivals you have, the stronger.
  5. Activate the “automatic” mode: don’t get tired and avoid mistakes by letting the system take care of marking the outgoing numbers’ boxes. Focus on your strategy!
  6. Get the Most Out of Bonus Games and Bonus Winnings – Many bingo online games have these special little features that can help you win even more. Do not miss it!
  7. Experience bingo: Bingo is an exciting world, with millions of players around the world, but also many highly informative resources. So feel free to register on the online forums dedicated to the game and learn more about the subject by following the documentaries or specialized films. You could make great discoveries.

The variants of Bingo online game

The Bingo is available in four main variations, which are essentially distinguished by the number of balls are fired during the game.

Bingo 90

In online casinos, this is the most popular version of Bingo. Here 90 balls are shot one after another. The grids of the game consist of 27 squares in 9 columns and 3 rows. 12 of them are gray. To win in this variant, you must fill one row, two rows or the entire grid.

Bingo 80

This 80 ball variant is often considered the ideal compromise. The number of squares to fill is much less than in 90 ball bingo, but enough to provide quality entertainment. Here, the grids are made up of 4 rows and 4 columns for 16 boxes. The numbers are also called much faster. 

You have to get to mark all the numbers in a grid (80 Full cards), a complete line or a column to win here. If you check the numbers in the inner square or the four corners of the grid, you will also win.

Bingo 75

This is the variant with the most favorable odds ratios and the most accessible for novice players. It is very popular in the United States. It is played with grids of 25 squares spread over 5 rows and 5 columns, including a gray joker square. 

In addition to the full grid, earnings are also offered if an entire row, a whole column or a 5-square diagonal is filled.

Bingo 30

Also called “Speed ??Bingo,” this variation requires some skill and attention. There are only 30 balls to shoot, and the grids are only 9 squares spread over a square; that is, 3 rows and 3 columns. There is only one option to win: fill the grid first and before all 30 balls are released.

Advantages of playing bingo online

The spread of the Internet and the advent of virtual casinos have contributed significantly to Bingo’s growth. From now on, to play, you no longer need to travel or wait for a bingo tournament to take place in your area. Whenever you choose, you may play Bingo online and enjoy all the benefits of this game mode. Here are some of them:

  • Access to several Bingo variants: in an online casino, you can usually choose between different variants of the game. You are free to focus on just one of them or to try them all;
  • An automatic system – no need to get in your way. Let the system stamp the numbers that are issued;
  • The possibility of diversifying your bets and your selection of grids;
  • bonuses and other promotional offers: the bonus games, surprise tickets and other small perks that online casinos often offer you to play Bingo;
  • Frequent and varied competitions;
  • A payment system with more possibilities;
  • Friendly Game Zones with a Real Social Dimension – In bingo online game chat rooms, you can chat with other players and make friends. Also, experienced players do not hesitate to share their advice with others. The atmosphere is perfect.

The free online bingo games

As is the case with other RNG games, many online casinos like 1xbet Kuwait also offer free bingo online games accessible through demo mode.

Why play no online deposit Bingo?

These no deposit online bingo games’ goal is to democratize the game for fans of online casinos truly. Offering them the possibility to play without risk, their savings is undoubtedly the best way to popularize this game.

Therefore, it is an opportunity for players to understand the rules better, the game’s course, the different variants, and test the various game strategies learned without risking bankruptcy.

To this, we should introduce the concept of humor. Playing without pressure allows you to take advantage of the entire social dimension of Bingo.

What online bingo site do you play for free?

If you’re not ready to play paid Bingo yet, don’t worry. You can always play for fun, for as long as you want by going to an online bingo site that offers a free version of their games. Lucky31 Casino and Unique Casino are just some of the platforms where you can play Bingo online without registering.

The best real money online bingo games

The online bingo pay game offer is regularly expanded with new creations released by well-known publisher studios in the iGaming industry, such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Play’n Go or 1 × 2 Gaming. Thanks to them, you can access titles such as:

  • Microgaming Bonanza Bingo;
  • Microgaming Electro Bingo;
  • Microgaming Bingo Maya;
  • Super Bonus Bingo from Microgaming;
  • Flying pigs from Play ‘n Go.

As you will see, these bingo games are developed around various themes. The graphics, good animations, and everything surrounding each game contributes to a truly unique gaming experience in each of them.

Frequently asked questions about online Bingo

What is Bingo online?

Bingo is a game with very easy rules. If you are a beginner, start by reading our paragraph on the game rules on our site!

Why Bingo is the most advantageous?

Playing Bingo online has several advantages related to the fact that you don’t need to travel and several other features that are unique to online games. Discover them in our section!

What is the best strategy for Bingo?

In Bingo online, two main playing strategies can be used. Each of them has certain advantages and corresponds to an individual style of play.

What is the best casino to play Bingo online for real money?

More and more online casinos offer online bingo games. To find out which ones are the most interesting for gamers, read this paragraph from our archive.

Online Bingo: to conclude

After reading this dossier, we hope you know more about Bingo. As you have seen, it is an exciting game, with many advantages, which is also easy to play and accessible to everyone. So don’t hesitate to try your luck. 

Read the rules, learn the strategies and practice playing for free. You can then make a deposit and try to win the jackpot in one of the many online bingo games available at online casinos.

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