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Online gambling, commonly known as Internet gambling includes virtual casinos, poker, and sports betting. Although it has been played since the 90s, online gambling has become popular only in recent years. However, since the start of the pandemic, it has gained further momentum because of the drastic change in people’s lives which required them to stay indoors. Governments across the world declared a lockdown which forced people to remain indoors for weeks on end.

Singapore is famous for its numerous attractions, including a few casinos and gambling venues. Due to Covid-19, the casinos experienced setbacks because they had to remain closed amidst the strict lockdown imposed by the authorities. The lack of foreign tourists also resulted in massive losses for the people of the gambling industry. However, oftentimes adversities can lead to opportunities. When the physical casinos shut down, people soon rushed to online gambling platforms. 

Since then, online betting singapore platforms have become popular where people can play various games and place bets from the safety of their own homes. In general, online gambling activities have soared during the lockdown phases especially among regulars. While people were restricted from participating in regular activities and socializing, they took to online gaming and gambling to relieve themselves from boredom. The Online Casino Singapore platforms became popular offering various casino games including bingo, poker, etc.

It is worthwhile to note here that online gambling in Singapore is allowed only through Government approved organizations. Remote gambling or gambling that occurs over the internet, telephone, radio, or any other communicable electronic device was banned in 2014 under the Remote Gambling Act. Only two organizations, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been given certificates of exemption by the Government of Singapore to let people legally gamble on their platform

Check Out The 7 Main Reasons Why Online Gaming Boomed in Singapore In Lockdown

1.      Online gaming provided an escape from frustration and boredom: The fear of virus infection along with the government’s restrictions led to people being compelled to sit at home all day long which eventually created a feeling of frustration and boredom. People also became equally depressed being at home day after day. Under such circumstances, people started spending more time online and keeping themselves distracted from the serious issues at hand by playing games and gambling.

2.      The stadium events, games, and gaming conferences were cancelled or postponed indefinitely with the onset of the pandemic. So, what were people supposed to do for their entertainment? The only option left was the internet. Online gambling provided the adrenalin rush and provided people with mental stimulation and challenges.  It is therefore becoming a popular choice and some lucky people can even earn some money participating in online gambling.

3.      People living in Singapore suffer from space crunch in their homes and apartments. Select people, if any, have access to backyards or gardens in their homes where they can take part in outdoor activities like gardening, swimming, or other sporting and physical activities. People living in apartments, units, or condos had to remain indoors without access to any outdoor physical activity. The only option left for them was to resort to playing online games and online gaming.

4.      During the lockdown, most of us completed every single episode of every single season of Netflix and then we sat idle desiring something new or wondering what next? Thus, we again found ourselves pushed towards online games or online gaming options. For many people, including people in Singapore, online gambling provides an opportunity to interact with other people with the same interests or find a good way to earn some quick money.

5.      Experts suggest that online gambling provided a social lifeline to many people across the world including in Singapore. People having to live in isolation realised that they could interact with someone behind the screen in an enjoyable and fun manner at a time when people were living in stress and depression. It seemed to be a good substitute for social activities where people would normally interact with each other and no longer feel lonely.

6.      Covid-19 has put an end to weekend parties or gatherings or any other event involving friends and family. This puts mental stress on introverts and extroverts who need some relief by engaging with people. Online gambling is one such option that provides a chance of meeting and greeting different people. Besides, there is also the option to play your favourite games, place bets, and interact with each other, play with them and enjoy.

7.      Many people lost their main source of income during the pandemic. The lockdown has led to the shutting down of many of the businesses because they did not have enough resources to manage their staff that ultimately created unemployment for many. This was another important reason for the emergence of online games because it allowed people to earn money. Onlinecasinoswiki at least provided people with a chance to earn or win some money with the little investments

Other reasons for the increase in online gambling include ease of payment. Earlier the payments through the internet were complicated and not secure. Someone willing to invest always withdrew with the fear of insecure sites and methods of payments the online gambling sites provided. But now online gaming and gambling sites provide secure online payment and a user-friendly interface of payment methods. With the ease of online payments, betting trends have increased manifold.

Online casino owners have made it convenient to make bets and transfer money including on mobile apps. Many have also provided site-compatible wallets. This method of convenience has played a great role in the booming of online casino Singapore gambling during the lockdown. Additionally, another major Error! Filename not specified. reasons for the popularity of online casinos are that people can get started with a minimal amount of money and it does not even require huge investments. 

Finally, online gambling sites provide winners with excellent rewards. Online gambling is indeed a win-win situation for both casino owners and their customers. The businesses can operate even during lockdown while people can earn and socialize with others.

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