Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids on a Hot Summer Day

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Looking for simple outdoor activities for kids on a hot summer day? When the summer heat rolls in kids often want to sit inside and hide from the heat. This can lead to them sitting around watching TV, playing video games, or whining about being bored.  Use some of these fun outdoor activities for kids to get your kids outside on a hot summer day. They can have fun and wear themselves out without heating up the house.

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Freeze small toys into a block of ice and give your child some small tools to help them get through the ice to the small toys. This activity will cool them off and keep them busy for hours.

Outdoor Activities For Kids

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Water Bottle Sprinkler

Make your own water bottle sprinkler. With a hose, water bottle, knife, and some duct tape you can have a quick and easy sprinkler. Poke small holes into your water bottle with the knife to allow water to shoot out. Duck tape the water bottle to the hose overlapping and going at least 3 inches onto the hose and water bottle for stability. Turn on the hose and allow your child to watch the water flow into the bottle until the pressure makes it spray out.

Water Bomb Fight

Have an easy clean water bomb fight. While water balloons leave the yard a mess and make finding each small piece a challenge you can do an easy clean version that is just as fun. All you need is a stack of new sponges. Cut in half and drop into a bucket of cold water kids can use to refill their water bombs. When everyone is done these large pieces are easy to clean up and can be dried out and saved to use again and again.

Toy Wash

Grab the hose and some sponges and have a big toy wash. This is a great activity that entertains kids and gets all those large plastic toys nice and clean. Nothing really beats something that keeps the kids happy and helps clean right?

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