Overcoming Fears in a Fearful World

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Fear can happen in your life in dozens of little ways every day. Fear of burning your hand on the stove when you cook. Fear you can’t finish a project at work on time. Fear for the safety of your children as they walk out the door. Sometimes fear can be a small inner voice, but other times, fear can be a physical change that overwhelms you or sends your body into a panic mode. Fear is an innate feeling, but there are ways you can alter your perception of what you fear in the world as you work toward self-improvement. Here are three ways you can overcome fears in a fearful world.

What Is Fear?

Fear is a feeling. What the body does with the feeling and how the feeling moves through your body will often determine how you react to the fear. Some fears send you fleeing from danger, while other fears send you back into the house. Some fears are mild, such as fear of cutting yourself on a grater as you grate cheese; other fears are self-imposed and can be debilitating, such as a fear of leaving the house in a snow storm. Fear is a feeling, and whether the danger is real or imagined, your body will still react to what it sees as a danger.

You Can Do It

As with any challenge, you can overcome fear and the negative patterns associated with it, but it does take work. You need to know what it is you fear, how you feel when you fear that thing, and then ask yourself

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