Paradigm Shift In Education: Traditional VS Modern Learning Method

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Traditional education

Traditional education or conventional education focuses more on teaching and passing vital information to the next generation about manners, values and survival skills. This type of education mainly relies on oral delivery where students gather around listening to the teacher with little practicals or written work. The students are tested orally which is not very formal. All in all, the traditional education system involves knowledge about traditions, religion and customs.

Modern Education

Modern education is far much different from traditional education and its widely taught in schools today impacting knowledge of science and technology. This form of education teaches imagination, creative thinking and visualization thus using both oral and written means. It determines if the students are learning properly using written tests. Basically, modern education just evolved from the traditional form of education.

Traditional Education and Modern Education review

Both forms of education are related since modern education is an evolution from traditional education. Earlier on, there were no schools and children gained survival knowledge from their elders. This is clearly evident from the jungle people who were taught how to hunt for food and use their kill’s skin for clothes and beddings through the aid of limited tools they inherited. Good morals were taught and passed through stories of gods and previous kings who ruled the land. There did not exist a proper formal system of education at the time. In India, there were schools called Gurukuls where princes were sent by their fathers and taught how to fight to protect themselves and attack their enemies using different weapons. Leadership and ruling of empires were also taught in these schools. Gurukuls were only meant for children who came from royal families while the rest of the children only learned whatever their parents knew. As years went by, democratic governments started to be formed and with them came modern formal education. Education was given value and schools which admitted children from any kind of background were opened. This led to new theories, inventions and development.

New education curriculums were formulated which included new theories to be taught and this is how modern education was born. Not everyone welcomed this type of education since some people saw it as defective since it did not teach their children about religion and custom as it was common with the traditional form of education.

Modern education slowly won people over and today it has reached new levels with science and technology making education more fun and interesting to students. For example, In Florida, parents now are opting for miami private tutors, for enhanced quality education. In some sense, modern education is an upgrade of traditional education and the two can be compared as below.

The situation then and now

With time, scenarios tend to change because people’s needs also change with. Earlier on, traditional education was considered to be enough while modern education was viewed to be irrelevant since it did not focus on teaching religion and customs. The people from past main focus was survival and traditional education was tailored for that, teaching people to survive and satisfy their basic needs. Through technological advancement, life has been made very comfortable. Things there were once considered to be luxuries before is today a basic part of life to a large percentage of today’s generation. This is only possible through the major steps in improving modern-day education.

Television sets, mobile phones, fans, washing machines and fridges etc are some of the things that we would not even dream that they would exist if modern education was not embraced. Scenarios will always change since the peoples need will change with time meaning education will also grow in an effort to try and satisfy the needs of the population.

Knowledge Impacted

Traditional education mainly focused on impacting knowledge only necessary for living within a society by teaching them about rituals and customs and everyone was educated differently from each other since there was no proper system hence no homogeneity in what they were taught. Modern educations focus on teaching science and mathematics that are always changing hence the need to keep updated for new inventions necessary to try to meet the always changing demand of the population.

Equal opportunity in Education

The traditional form of education was only meant for the high ended children while children of poor families were not allowed to attend them. This is not the case in modern education in each every child willing to learn can be admitted into schools. As people started to embrace this form of education, everyone became costumed to the idea of equality. Presently, children from all over regardless of religion believes, tribe and gender are all admitted in schools and all sit together and mingle while there. This is clearly distinctive from the traditional form of education in which not everyone was allowed to study. Traditional education strongly emphasized that girls should not be educated but this is not the case in modern education that promotes gender equality.

Methodology of teaching

Traditional education mainly relied on one’s ability to cram and memories whatever was being taught while modern education emphases on understanding the concepts that are taught. Each kind of education system has its own merits and demerits. One cannot strongly suggest which one bad and which one is not. Depending on wanting an individual is interested in learning; each kind of education has something to offer. One can find out about his or her own customs and believes using traditional or education or use modern education when trying to make a technological breakthrough using math and science. Tradition education makes sure that our culture is not eroded with time while modern education makes sure we stay up to date with current trends in the world.

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