The Perfect Birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas Gift for Mom

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Whether Mother’s Day is approaching or your mom’s birthday is coming up, you need to prepare early to get her a gift she’ll love and one that will express your affection for her. This year, make sure you pick something stylish for your mom. You can also be sure that she’ll be happy with your gift if it is incredibly thoughtful.

The Perfect Birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas Gift for Mom

Making Mom Happy – A Few Ideas

Your mom might be retired and probably loves spending time indoors with a good book and some great coffee. There’s no reason why she can’t be comfortable and feel beautiful at the same time. Get her a gorgeous Natori robe. She made you into who you are, so splurging on something this nice for her is absolutely justified.

Is your mom really into the classics such as large black bags? If that’s the case, then a chic weekender from a premium brand would do the trick. She’ll certainly appreciate it for its stylishness and practicability since it’s great as a carry-on or for getaways.

Among the best gifts you could ever get for your mom for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion would be a gift that keeps on giving. This is especially true if she seems to already have it all. Flowers delivered monthly are perfect in this respect, because rather than show your affection one day in a year, you can express your love for her every month.

Understated luxury is appealing to many ladies, and your mom might be one of them. If she also appreciates color, consider getting her a classy yet subtle blood-red bag that matches her beautiful, fun and bold personality.

On the flip side, you want to get mom something she could take on her trips if she’s a frequent traveler. It would be a great idea to get her a tote bag from in her favorite color or printed with a theme that matches her interests. She can stuff her favorite novels in it and take it with her on flights or carry it to the beach during vacations.

It is often the case that moms in their 50s really like a certain trend — chokers, for example — but are afraid to try anything overly trendy for themselves. If this is the case with your mom, how about gifting her with a simple dainty gold choker.

If you’re like a lot of people, memories of your mother in her robes might be your fondest. Every year, get her a new robe for her collection. If she’s like most moms, she’ll probably act surprised and say a new robe is exactly what she needed.

You and your mother live in different cities and miss each other a lot. One clever gift idea might be getting a pair of matching picture frames, with a great picture of you and her happy together. Both of you can place them on your night stands. There, you can both see more of each other every time you get in/out of bed.


Diana R. Fisher has worked as a stylist in the fashion industry for 13 years. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to fashionable maternity wardrobe. Learn more about gifting mothers at

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