Pets 101: 7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Furry Companion

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Are you feeling bored at home or lonely? Need a companion? Don’t worry; a furry pal might just be what you need! Having a pet in your home is definitely an excellent form of entertainment and pleasure; however, taking care of the pet is a whole other story and something you need to be diligent about. 

Pets are like children; they need attention, care, and grooming to live a happy and healthy life. If you’re looking to find out how to take care of your pets, you’ve hit the jackpot! Here are a few fundamental tips on how to take care of your pets. 

Think, Then Commit

Adopting or buying a pet is not a one-time investment. You have to continually take care for food, trips to the vet, toys, etc. Moreover, you need to devote a lot of time to give your pet attention, and they’re essentially your complete responsibility. 

Therefore, if you have a job where you only come home to sleep, think twice before getting a pet. Furthermore, if you have children, think thrice about adding another household member since children may get too attached to the loving furry friend. 

Regular Visits To The Vet

Ask around for referrals for a first-rate veterinarian and sign up with them. A pet, especially when it’s furry such as a cat, dog, or rabbit, requires regular visits to the vet. It can be for many things such as grooming services, deworming sessions, emergencies, etc. 

A vet also gives appropriate advice about handling pets in terms of which symptoms to look out for in case of emergencies, and visits should be scheduled multiple times a year. To get an idea of the expenditure, you need to check out how much does a vet visit cost to set out a proper healthcare for your animal companion.

Determine necessary treatments

You should also visit the vet to determine whether your pet requires any vaccines. Vaccinations help protect your pet from diseases and illnesses such as rabies for dogs and cats. Just like how you immunize yourself against diseases, your pet also requires the same treatment. 

And just like other treatments, vaccines also require continuity. Stay up-to-date with what vaccinations are necessary for your pet’s health and ensure you’re not delaying them and scheduling them timely.

Additionally, deworming, spaying, or neutering your pet is a crucial step for your furry baby. This procedure involves a drug given to the animal to eliminate the bugs that have taken up residence in the intestines. 

Furthermore, cats and dogs have to be spayed or neutered to avoid ovarian cancer possibilities in cats and prevent female pets from going in heat. If they go in heat, there are chances of leaving the premises to search for a partner. 

Appropriate Nutrition

This is an expenditure that you have to ensure you can afford. You can’t always feed your pets scraps from your food, especially dogs, since some foods can prove detrimental to their health. Cats will usually refuse the usual human diet and will prefer boiled chicken or cat food. 

Puppies, for example, are given heavier food than older dogs as they need the correct amount of minerals in their systems while growing. But you also have to give your pets some home food as well for their taste to develop so they don’t always become dependent on dog or cat food. 

Nutrition for pets has to be carefully monitored as they are prone to cancer, obesity, and heart diseases as well. Most importantly, you have to set a schedule for them. Try to feed them at the same time as your meal times, so they adopt your routine.  


This one is especially for dogs since they require walks to burn off their energy. You can bring them along during your own walk, or take them to the park to play around. Dogs are pets who even enjoy car rides; some owners only take them on a car ride while going to the vet. This conditions them, and they’ll be reluctant to sit in cars. 

For pets such as hamsters, a playpen in the house will be appropriate for them as they tend to run fast and hide behind the dresser or under the bed. It won’t be easy to retrieve them from there. Cats usually enjoy lazing around the most; so playing with them inside the house or in the garden can prove to be sufficient enough. 

Give Love and Attention

Pets may be animals, but they have feelings too. They require love and attention from their owners; haven’t you heard how dogs make the best and most loyal companions? Love isn’t only given through a bombardment of toys, but also through attention. 

As a pet owner, you need to take out time to play with your pet. A study shows that 40%-80% of owners walk their dog and provide their pets with physical exercise, supporting health benefits for both. 


If you decide to buy a pet, you have to buy a few more things alongside. First and foremost, a suitable place for them to live. For example, you can’t just buy a fish on its own. It would help if you purchased a fishbowl or an aquarium to go with it. The same goes for a cat or a dog. You need to buy a small bed to sleep in, instead of expecting the pet to sleep on the floor, especially when it’s cold. 

Additionally, you need to invest in a brush and shampoo for their fur and some toys, too. If it’s a hamster, then a cage and a wheel for them to run on is necessary. These accessories have to be bought before the pet’s arrival for the pet to feel at home from day one. 

Final Thoughts 

Pets aren’t ornamental; you’re getting a furry friend for companionship. And similar to humans, all companions require utmost care and love. They’re a constant responsibility and you need to look out for their well being every single day. 

Ensure you’ll be able to invest in time and money to nurture your pet, regardless of how many you may own. They come with responsibility but once taken care of, can add so much joy to your life.

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