Phone Figures: Top Ways You Might Break Your Smartphone

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Because smartphones tend to break easily, it’s no wonder the phone protectant and replacement industry is booming. A simple fall from a table can result in $1,000 in damage. Luckily, that means it’s easier than ever to find a company that can help with an iPhone X screen replacement.

But most people blame themselves when their phone breaks. Humans are accident-prone, and it’s just our dumb luck that our phones break on our watch. According to USA Today, however, the brunt of the blame doesn’t rest on the consumer — it actually rests on the phone companies.

Phones simply aren’t as strong as they used to be. To make phones easier to transport and hold, their thin design has made it all the more fragile. Yet phone costs are still climbing to an all-time high, with some easily cresting $1,000 or more. In fact, the average price for a new Apple phone or Samsung model starts at $900.

Some independent phone repair companies claim that getting insurance programs through the service provider isn’t even worth it in the end. Paying more than $200 each year for Apple Care plus the cost of the deductible for the repair is far more expensive than paying for a repair outright at an independent shop.

But what are some of the most common ways you might break your phone? Before you shell out for high insurance premiums, watch out for these common accidents.


Water damage is one of the leading causes for broken phones in the United States. When harmful water gets into your phone’s electrical components, these delicate connections are at risk for short-circuiting, corrosion, and other damage. And when the hardware is broken, this can result in costly repairs. Between users playing with their phones poolside and bringing their smartphones into the bathroom, more phones than ever are finding themselves submerged. When you go on your dinner cruise in West Palm Beach, dropping your phone into the ocean means you may never find it.  

In fact, an estimated 35 percent of people have dropped their phones into the toilet at some point while another 16 percent have jumped into a body of water with their phone in their pocket. But while you might be tempted to toss your phone in a bowl of rice, this method actually proves less effective than leaving your phone out in the open air. If you happen to find your phone underwater (or even under snow), get it to a repair shop right away.


Accidents caused by children are another common way that smartphones are being damaged. It’s typical for parents to give fussy children their phones when they want them to settle down or stay quiet, especially out of the house. Should your child leave your phone at the restaurant or airport, it’s easy for a stranger to swipe it when your back is turned. Children are also prone to dropping heavy electronics because they lack the motor skills to handle electronics properly. Paired with sticky hands and temper tantrums, any number of issues could damage your phone when your child is using it.

Drops and falls

While dropping your phone doesn’t often break the phone for good, it can certainly lead to a cracked screen. This can make your phone impossible to use, or worse. In many cases, not even a protective screen or phone case can protect your phone from concrete.

Thrill-seekers and adventurers may also drop their phones from great heights, never to be seen again. Thanks to PopSockets and other phone tethers, you never have to worry about your phone going over the side of the Grand Canyon.

Fishy apps

Physical damage isn’t the only thing that can harm your phone. Downloading shady third-party apps and going onto suspicious sites can also put your phone at risk. Viruses and data transmissions can put your personal data at risk. In some cases, it can be impossible to fix a corrupted phone.

For more information on keeping your phone safe, refer to the expertise of your local iPhone repair shop.

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