Photography Package for Your Wedding Guide 101: How to Select?

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As much as wedding planning is fun and exciting, it can also be a bit stressful, like choosing the best photography packages that can accommodate your needs. The internet is full of websites and reviews for a wedding photographer, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know what you want when it comes to selecting a photography package. Here is a list of important things to take into consideration when comparing wedding photography packages in Adelaide.

Price: It goes without saying, the price of the package could either make or break the deal. Instead of comparing prices across different vendors, inquire about what is included in the package. It is quite possible that while looking for wedding photography packages in Adelaide, photographers may have the same price but offer more in their package than other photographers. According to photoshoots manhattan, several price packages are available for several kinds of weddings depending on the location and theme of the wedding. You can choose the best as per your event and budget.

Hours included: When your wedding photographer creates a timeline for you as a couple, you need to discuss whether those hours will be enough for everything you want. If you want getting-ready photos all the way to the dance, an 8-hour package will be sufficient for you. Discuss your needs with a potential wedding photographer and communicate what should be included in your package. By taking into account your considerations, they will be able to tell you the estimated figure.

Copyright of your images: Some photographers will give their customers a limited copyright release. In other words, your photographer is the copyright owner of the photos they click of the wedding and can use your images for their own portfolio, website and similar purposes. On the other hand, there are some wedding photographers that give their clients full image copyrights, which gives you complete control of your photos. It is a good idea to ask your photographer about image copyrights beforehand.

How will the photos be delivered? Ask your wedding photographer how many photos you can expect to receive. Every photographer has a set number of photos to be included in their hour package. Different photographers have different ways of delivering their images. Thus, read the fine details on the package to see if their way of delivery works with what you’d expect.

Additional post-production services: Sometimes photographers select a number of photos to do special edits, for example, black and white, collage work, etc. Do ask them whether it is included in your package or if it would cost extra.

Engagement session be included or not? Ask your photographer whether an engagement session is included in your package. As a couple, discuss if the photographs of this session are worth spending money on.

Canvas Print: Some wedding photographers go to extreme lengths to include a canvas print for you to be able to display one in your home. Your photographer will let you pick your favourite image and they will blown up into a canvas size.

Deadline: After figuring out the details, its important to know when you can expect to get your photos delivered. Some photographers might be done with the editing within 2-4 weeks and others may take 6 months.


In the end, remember most photographers are willing to adjust their packages to make them perfect for what you and you partner wants. The experienced and credible photographer will add and tweak some changes to make sure you are satisfied with the final result. And after all this, your priority should be to have a good photographer by your side who can make you and your partner laugh and be able to click those percious moments. After all, years down the lane, you wll remember the memories through the photos your wedding photographer clicked not the amount you were negotiating with.

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