Pigmentation is extremely easy to treat in 2020 with newer lasers

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Nowadays, it is exceptionally common for many Singaporeans to seek out aesthetic treatments. In the past, having your features surgically improved was something that would always draw snarky remarks. The ever growing reports that aesthetic treatments is receiving in this tiny, nation is telling enough that it’s fast being endorsed as something tolerable. Another explanation behind the speedy increase in acceptance was caused in part from the innovation of science, allowing physicians to attain better outcomes with less suffering and quicker treatments. This Southeast Asian city’s clinics and medical aesthetics landscape are finally catching up with Korea – the peak of cosmetic enhancements.

What are these treatments, you might ask? Well, here are some of them.

Breast Implants

Although the modern female understands that a lot goes into being sexy than just beauty alone, stuff as superficial as bust size still has a place. Girls with larger, more firm chests feel confident enough to flex their bodies in swimwear and aging women seek solutions to lift their droppy busts.. Breast enhancement is a surgical technique that specialists in plastic surgery use to enlarge a lady’s breast size. A silicone bust augmentation operation is by and away the most common option used. Bust enhancement operation is a technical surgical operation and is likely to require a minimum of 10 grand. This is in no way your day-to-day aesthetic treatment so only legally trained plastic specialist doctors over here are permitted to perform it. This is regarded as a strictly non-essential surgery and thus it cannot be paid via the patient’s government-shield plans. Boob augmentation is financially stressful and private specialists ask for at minimum SGD 11000. This may go to 24 grand sing dollars, subject to your preference of specialist, brand and aesthetic requirements.


Picolasers have become an aesthetic fixture recently with the power to deliver powerful laser shots in tinier active durations than previously possible. Regarding the utility in aesthetic treatments, picosecond lasers have been proven in removing skin pigmentation.  Individuals who suffer from pigmentation are fitting candidates for picolaser treatments.

The laser bursts fired off by the picosecond laser have the ability to remove groups of pigmentation found deep within the skin. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. The intensity of the picolaser defines it a regulated procedure that only certified aesthetic doctors can provide in Singapore. Picosecond laser procedures will not require more than sixty minutes out of your day. You can experience some redness right after treatment, but expect this to fade soon.  How much are you going to pay for a picolaser procedure, you might ask. Well, the prices range widely; depending on a multitude of factors, from $400-$1100 every session.

Get your annoying pigmentation issues treated easily

If cells containing pigment concentrate in clusters, they often appear as brown locations in various symptoms in the skin layers. One other possible underlying reason for the growth of additional spots can be exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and sunlight. Due to this reason, locations with large amounts of contact with the sun’s UV emissions such as our face, brows, forehead and nose are likely to develop pigmentation conditions. Many types of pigmentation symptoms can occur or can proliferate because of a myriad of potential triggers.

Melasma that happens largely because of excessive contact with sun rays, are sometimes mistakenly thought to be something else, but then again, may happen because of fluctuations of a person’s bodily hormones. Pigmentation can trigger post-inflammation or swelling, stemming from causes like pimples, or chicken pox. These types of pigmentation are known as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). It is important to go to a good doctor who is experienced in treating pigmentation with lasers or cream to avoid any potentially scarring complications. One such doctor in Singapore is Dr. David from One Face Clinic and they have built their brand on providing excellent pigmentation removal and pigmentation treatment services.

Precise diagnosis is important to successful removal of pigmentation. Haphazardly applying treatment to remove pigmentation symptoms is possibly result in disappointment or exacerbate the situation. Often, various pigmentation conditions to be misdiagnosed as other types of pigmentation owing to the resemblance in appearance between some conditions. Records show a few events of the issue getting increasingly worse from having of the wrong treatment procedure. Treatment procedures and care for pigmentation commonly come in the following forms and estimated prices are shown as following: UV Block Cost: $55-$125, Lasers Cost: $250-$1100, Chemical Peels Cost: $450 up, Applied Creams Cost: $60-$210.

Acne Scar Treatment

The same area of skin can even show several different types of scars, and each specific type of scar has a different treatment best practice. Scars formed because of a bout of acne have a reputation for tough to resolve. To further complicate the situation, complexity of variables considered during the acne scar removal protocols is compounded as a result of the fact that every patient’s skin sports individual conditions apparent only upon close observation that could possibly change the intended outcome of the treatment. Depending on your skin type, while taking into account the type of acne on the skin. This has to be done since there are many different types of acne that can and will influence the different acne scars that are radically different from one another.

It should be brought to attention that the various types of acne scars are different in their biological structures as well. As such each type of scar caused by acne will produce different results receiving the same procedure. Precisely employing the appropriate form of treatment to the optimal type of acne scar is the secret in gaining the most optimal results for treatment of acne scarring. Consult with your chosen aesthetics or specialist skin clinic for a tailored plan to resolve your acne scarring. A multitude of tools, and procedures are chosen to resolve acne scarring. These involve lasers, chemical peels, subcisions and excisions. The damage to your wallet in terms of treating acne scarring can vary greatly, depending on the severity and variants of scars, because this decides the types of treatment required. Expect to afford around $4,000 for cases of acne scarring. If you are one of those extreme cases, you might be looking at a bill above $6400 in Singapore.

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