5 Perfect Places for Indoor Fun in Hampshire This Weekend

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Hampshire offers a diverse range of indoor attractions, perfect for families, couples, and individuals looking to spend an enjoyable weekend. Known for its historical landmarks and picturesque countryside, Hampshire doesn’t disappoint when it comes to indoor activities. 

Whether you’re seeking an educational day out, an exciting escape room experience, or just a spot to relax with a meal and some entertainment, this guide will help you discover some of the best indoor destinations the region has to offer.

Exciting Escapes Portsmouth

One of the most captivating activities in Hampshire this weekend is undoubtedly a visit to Exciting Escapes Portsmouth. Offering a series of immersive escape room experiences, this venue is perfect for groups of friends, families, or colleagues. Each Portsmouth escape room is designed with intricate detail and a unique storyline, ranging from mysteries set in wartime Britain to futuristic science fiction scenarios.

What to Expect

Expect to be fully engrossed in challenging puzzles requiring teamwork and keen observation to solve. Each session lasts about 60 minutes, providing a full hour of engaging entertainment. The rooms vary in difficulty, catering to both newcomers and seasoned escape room enthusiasts.

Group Dynamics

Group sizes can range from two to six participants, making it a versatile option for different group sizes. The collaborative nature of the puzzles ensures that everyone can contribute.


Exciting Escapes Portsmouth is accessible for those with mobility issues, featuring rooms that can accommodate wheelchair access. Be sure to inform the staff when booking to ensure they can cater to your specific needs.

Booking and Pricing

Pre-booking is highly recommended, especially during weekends when spots fill quickly. Prices vary depending on the size of your group, typically ranging from £20 to £30 per person.

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

For an educational yet fun-filled indoor experience, the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is a top choice. This interactive museum is designed to inspire curiosity and a love for science among visitors of all ages.

Interactive Exhibits

The centre features a wide array of hands-on exhibits that cover various scientific disciplines, from physics and chemistry to biology and space science. The interactive nature of the displays ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in scientific discovery.

Stunning Planetarium Shows

One of the main attractions is the on-site planetarium, which offers breathtaking shows about the universe. The shows are not only visually spectacular but also highly educational, making complex astronomical concepts accessible to children and adults alike.

Special Events

Weekends often include special events and workshops. These may range from themed science shows to hands-on experimental sessions, providing additional layers of engagement.

Family-Friendly Amenities

The centre is designed with families in mind, offering facilities such as baby changing stations, a café with a kid-friendly menu, and secure lockers for storage.

Marwell Zoo Indoor Exhibits

While Marwell Zoo is typically associated with its expansive outdoor areas, it also boasts several indoor exhibits that are perfect for rainy days or cooler weather.

Tropical House

The Tropical House is a must-see, featuring an assortment of exotic plants and animals in a climate-controlled environment. Visitors can encounter birds, butterflies, and amphibians up close, all while learning about conservation efforts.

Penguins: Ice Adventure

This indoor exhibit is dedicated to the fascinating world of penguins. With floor-to-ceiling viewing windows, you can observe these charismatic creatures as they swim and interact in their specially designed habitat.

Educational Talks and Feeding Sessions

Marwell Zoo schedules regular educational talks and feeding sessions, many of which take place indoors. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn from the knowledgeable staff about the zoo’s various inhabitants.

Dining Options

The zoo offers multiple indoor dining options where you can enjoy a meal or a snack while taking a break from the exhibits.

The Anvil, Basingstoke

The Anvil is one of Hampshire’s leading theatres, offering an extensive range of performances suitable for all ages over the weekend. From classical music concerts to theatre productions and comedy shows, it provides a rich cultural experience.

Quality Performances

The Anvil is renowned for its high-quality acoustics and diverse programming. Weekend visitors can often choose from a variety of shows, including family-friendly theatre, live music, and stand-up comedy.

Comfortable Seating and Facilities

The theatre boasts comfortable seating and excellent sightlines, ensuring that every audience member has a great view of the stage. Additional facilities include a bar and a café, making it convenient to enjoy a pre-show meal or drink.


The venue is fully accessible, with provisions for wheelchair users and hearing-impaired guests. Assistance dogs are also welcomed, and staff are trained to provide additional support as needed.

Booking Information

Booking tickets in advance is advisable, particularly for popular shows that tend to sell out quickly. Ticket prices vary depending on the performance and seating choice.

Brickfields Country Park Leisure Centre

For those looking to combine physical activity with indoor fun, Brickfields Country Park Leisure Centre is an excellent destination. This multi-purpose facility offers a variety of indoor activities to suit all interests and fitness levels.

Swimming Pools

The leisure centre includes a large swimming pool and a separate children’s pool. Whether you’re interested in doing laps, participating in an aqua aerobics class, or enjoying a leisurely swim with the family, there are options available for everyone.

Indoor Sports and Fitness Classes

A wide range of indoor sports facilities are on offer, including badminton courts, squash courts, and a full-sized basketball court. Additionally, the centre hosts numerous fitness classes, from yoga and pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Children’s Play Area

A dedicated indoor play area for children ensures that younger visitors have plenty of ways to burn off energy. The play area is well-maintained and features various age-appropriate equipment.

Health and Wellness Facilities

The centre also boasts a state-of-the-art gym and wellness suite, offering sauna and steam rooms for relaxation after your workout.

Café and Social Spaces

An on-site café provides a range of healthy snacks and refreshments. It’s also a pleasant space to relax and socialise after your activities.


Hampshire offers a wealth of indoor activities that cater to a wide range of interests and age groups. Whether you’re solving puzzles at Exciting Escapes Portsmouth, exploring scientific concepts at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, enjoying wildlife at Marwell Zoo, catching a show at The Anvil, or staying active at Brickfields Country Park Leisure Centre, there’s something for everyone this weekend. These venues not only provide entertainment but also foster learning and community engagement, making them perfect choices for a memorable indoor experience.

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