Play it Safe: Safe Online Gaming for You and Your Family

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Online gaming has become a popular form of entertainment for people worldwide. With gaming options ranging from gambling to video games, there is something for every niche, taste and preference in the online space. However, with security becoming a major concern regarding online activity, it’s clear that there are some issues to keep an eye on when partaking in any form of online gaming. Below, we discuss some of these threats as well as how you can keep yourselves, as well as your family and children, safe from them when enjoying online gaming.

Online gaming


The Risks

Abuse and Harassment

Many online games entail a multiplayer gameplay, which means, people get to socialize while they play. Players can connect with each other globally, embarking on gaming experiences that create competition. Often times, this high level of competitiveness encourages abuse, harassment and general bullying in the form of messages and audio content. In fact, nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. Young children might face explicit language as well as unwarranted contact due to the sharing of personal information.


Explicit Content

Not all games are appropriate for all age groups. Some games may contain inappropriate or adult content that is intended for a mature audience. Unfortunately, some illegal sites might make this content accessible to all, putting children at risk of viewing and playing games that they should otherwise be blocked from.


Financial Risks

Many games are free to download but require that you pay for additional functions. Players might have to pay to access the next level of a game or to obtain new weaponry to succeed at the game. Even online gambling can pose a risk in the same vein, as many sites simply store credit information. Consequently, it’s easy for players to charge their credit cards without realizing just how much they’re paying or to face fraudulent activity from site operators and hackers.


Safety Tips

  • Be prudent when sharing personal information. Avoid including addresses, phone numbers and credit card information when it’s not necessary or when you’re not sure why it’s required.
  • Verify age limits of games before allowing children to play them. Stick to family friendly gaming sites that are labelled as such.
  • Stick to online gambling with different payment methods, as they will allow you to choose how to pay, based on what you’re comfortable with and how you can best track your spendings.
  • Try to keep online gaming as a fun hobby and not a competitive sport. This might encourage you to avoid aggressive gaming communities, void of abuse and bullying.
  • Respect time limits so that the time spent playing is kept to a minimum.
  • Use a reliable anti-virus software. Your computer is a viable target for viruses, especially when online gaming is involved, which means you’ll want to use the best anti-virus software available to keep your computer safe.


Although risky, online gaming can definitely be played safe. Be sure to keep yourself and your family informed on all aspects of gaming so that threats can be avoided. Rest assured, bearing our aforementioned tips in mind will help you and your family enjoy online gaming as the great form of entertainment that it is!

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  1. Ronald Gagnon says

    It has never been so dangerous for those not knowledgeable or informed in the new technological dangers as it is nowadays

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Great information!

  3. Molli Vandehey says

    thank you! i have been wondering about this as my kids get more into games. thanks for the tips

  4. Richard Hicks says

    Good advice here. You can never be too safe

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