Playing Slots- 5 Things to Know Before You Start It

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Slot machines have never been more popular than it is now, with millions of gamblers spinning the reels of their favorite online slots every single day.

It’s frankly incredible when you consider the fact that slot machines have only been around since the 1800s with some of the best slot betting platforms having only been around for the last 2 decades. And it gets even more impressive when you realize just how many people are playing them on a daily basis. 

However, while there are more slot players in the world than ever before, there are still several millions of first-time slot gamblers. And so, for those people who are just starting to get excited in this world, here’s a list of the top 5 things you need to know before you spin the reels. 

  1. Penny Slots Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Most amateur slot gamblers are attracted to the penny slot machines since the name implies that you will be playing for pennies. 

This is a great opportunity for any low roller who wants to relax without stressing over bankrolls. 

However, these penny slots shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you think you’d only risk a cent per spin while you learn the game, you might be surprised that $20 will vanish in a few moments. 

The biggest problem with penny slot machines is that they normally require you to play a fixed pay line. If a penny slot features 50 lines, then you will need to bet at least $0.50 per spin. 

Fortunately, you also get 50 chances to win on every spin. But, during a losing streak, your money disappears quicker. 

This is not to say that you avoid penny slot machines. You just want to take a closer look at the rules beforehand in order to see how many pay lines you use for every spin. 

  1. Volatility Has Impact On How Often You Win

Another thing that you need to know in the beginning is understanding how volatility works in the slot machines. 

In general, volatility is used in the stock market to refer to the short term risks with investments. This is also commonly used in the slot machines in order to address how frequently you can expect to win. 

The more volatile the slot machine, the less frequently you will win. This is a problem for low rollers who frequently count payouts to sustain their bankroll. 

What’s more difficult is that games do not give any indication of the volatility of slots. However, you can come up with a rough guideless based on the factors below:

  • Amount of small payouts with under 25 coins: More indicates less volatility
  • Amount of large payouts with over 100 coins: Fewer means a lower volatility
  • Bonuses and special symbols: Fewer features can indicate lower volatility
  • Size of progressive jackpot: A no or small progressive jackpot can indicate low volatility 

For those with small bankrolls, we recommend doing research. You don’t want to wind up on high volatility slot games when trying to stretch your bankroll. 

  1. Big Jackpot Games = Fewer Wins

Some amateur slot players who like to chase the huge progressive jackpots. Why not, right? After all, certain games have millions of dollars jackpot offerings. 

Unfortunately, there are 2 cons for these big progressive slot machines:

  • Base payback is low
  • High volatility

We already discussed volatility. And larger progressive games like the one in can pay less frequently since they need to make up for the huge jackpot that manufacturers or casinos seed. 

The payback refers to how much the slot machine will pay for the long-term. 

Games with large progressive jackpots typically offer paybacks in the same range as normal games. Still, this also accounts for the big jackpot that is available. 

For instance, a slot machine offers 88.1 percent payback, however, the payout percentage grows along with the offered jackpot. 

Of course, the catch is that you are probably not going to win the huge jackpot. And everybody who does not win is just dealing with a slot machine offering 88.1 percent payback. 

  1. Slot Results Are Random

Perhaps the biggest myth that most new slots players think is that these slot machines can run hot and cold. 

The reality is that hot and cold streaks are the result of odds. Understand that all slot machines are actually volatile to a degree since they need to make up for the larger payouts at the top. 

Another thing you need to know is that the results of slot machines are based on RNG or a random number generator. It is a program that cycles through the countless number combinations in order to determine the result of your spin.

Since RNGs has the ability to cycle through tens or hundreds of thousands of number combinations within a second, you have no way of knowing what your next spin result will be. 

  1. No One Can Steal Your Jackpot

Another thing you need to know is that nobody can actually steal your jackpot. 

The idea that somebody may steal your jackpot is based on the slot payout cycle concept, where specific prizes are set to pay after a certain amount of spins. 

For instance, the odds of slot machine jackpots are 1 in 200,000. And those subscribing to the payout cycle theory think that the jackpot will pay exactly 200,000 spins. Thus, they want to get as much volume as possible on that machine so that they have a better chance of getting the jackpot at the end of the payout cycle. 

It may seem logical; however, odds are only guidelines in terms of slots payouts. The truth is that you will never know exactly when the odds will be true since there is also a short term luck factor. 

Back to the point of someone stealing your jackpot, it is unlikely that you and other players will push that spin button at the exact split second needed in order to trigger the jackpot. Also, you never truly know when the jackpot is going to pay out, thus there is no reason for you to stay on the same game. 

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