Pool Noodle Craft Stamps

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Pool Noodle Craft StampsWhen summer boredom sets in, why not try these pool noodle craft stamps? These pool noodle craft stamps are so easy to make, and can be crafted for around $1. Perfect for little hands, these pool noodle craft stamps will “stamp” out boredom this summer and give your kids something fun to do. Here is how you can get started making your own.

Easy Pool Noodle Craft Stamps

Pool Noodle Craft StampsSupplies Needed:

  • Assorted Pool Noodles
  • Knife
  • Craft Paint
  • Scrap paper or Paper Plates
  • Paper

Your dollar store will carry a variety of pool noodles in both round forms and floral forms. For just a buck, grab both varieties so your children can make several different shapes.

Directions:Pool Noodle Craft Stamps

  1. Begin by cutting your pool noodles into 2-3 inch long sections. A serrated knife is perfect for this task. Cut carefully so your edges are nice and even.
  2. Place some craft paint onto some scrap paper or a paper plate. Smooth it out into a circle for even and easy dipping.
  3. Dip the end of the pool noodle into the paint and press firmly. Blot it a few times on scrap paper to smooth the paint out evenly.
  4. Press the pool noodle to paper and release. The shape of the pool noodle will be present.

Kids will love stamping their pool noodles all over the paper and making one bubble after the other. When you are done you can rinse the pool noodle craft stamps and allow them to dry, as they are perfect for using again and again.

Pool Noodle Craft StampsGrab a pool noodle or two and give these easy pool noodle craft stamps a try!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. We were thinking about what we could do with the million pool noodles we had. Brilliant. The kids will love this activity.

  2. Sherry Compton says

    With summer here these will be on sale or you can pick them up at some dollar stores. What a fun way to use them!

  3. These are cute paint stamps.

  4. You could also cut them into flower shapes.


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