Popsicle Flags

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Summer time means a lot of down time for kids. It can be easy for them to get bored as their time isn’t really filled unless you are one organized, schedule planning mama! Crafts are always fun and can be extremely memorable to a child! I always remember coloring as a child and oh man, did I have a love for beads! Today I bring to you Popsicle Flags! It’s simple and so much fun!


Crafts are just an all around great thing for kids. It helps them become creative creatures and show you the things they love. Picking out favorite colors and shapes. Being able to think up of their own designs and ways to express themselves. You don’t even have to be crafty to do crafts. The whole point is to just have fun and laugh. Make memories and remember these moments with our little ones as they won’t be the same age tomorrow. They will be one day older and before we know it, they are off to college and starting their own lives… Savor these moments!


»»» Supplies Needed «««

  1. Popsicle Sticks ( Regular and Jumbo Used )
  2. Paint Brushes ( Sponge Brushes are awesome as well)
  3. Wood Glue
  4. Paint  (We used Waverly Inspiratios Chalk Paint )
  5. Stickers ( We used Stars for the American Flag )


Step 01: First up is figuring out the size of your Flag. For the Jumbo Popsicle Sticks we chose to use 5 and for the regular Popsicle Sticks we used 7. I thought of this after the fact, but I would suggest getting a pencil and marking which stick is for what color. We chose the American Flag and It would have been easier for my little one to remember which one was red if I had marked them.

Popsicle-Flags_004 Popsicle-Flags_005

Step 02: Start Painting! Haha. Not much really to explain here. Now if you are doing a flag that has more detail besides stripes I would suggest doing Step 04 before this step. It would be easier as your popsicle sticks will be in place. =)

Popsicle-Flags_006 Popsicle-Flags_007

Step 03: Since we are doing the American Flag, we needed a step to add in our blue square that hold our stars. This was a bit tricky but as you can see in the first photo, I had my little one only paint to a certain point so he was aware of the space for blue. =) It seemed to help!

Popsicle-Flags_008 Popsicle-Flags_009

Step 04: Once the paint had dried I flipped my flag over to secure it with some wood glue and popsicle sticks. This is a simple and easy way to keep them secure and in place. =)


Step 05: Your final step is to add your stars. Now you can paint them, use stickers, or vinyl. Which ever way you choose would be fine!

And at the end of this simple fun craft, you will have made awesome crafts and amazing memories with your little ones. I’m sure you may have paint on their hands and maybe their clothes, and who knows where else, but remember, paint is just paint. Their smiles ad laughter will forever live on! Cherish these memories and keep making them!

I also suggest dating the backs! It’s a great way to keep track of all the goodies you have made!!

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  1. This is a cool idea. I love it.

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