Popular Date Night Ideas for Parents During Quarantine

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Since the pandemic started, many of our usual activities took a backseat, and most of our priorities shifted. The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay safely at home, and this confinement caused a lot of unprecedented stress, especially for parents. Married couples with children need to prioritize their marriage as they serve as an anchor of survival to one another during these uncertain times. Here are some creative and affordable ways to create more memories together while quarantined at home. 

Bring it outdoors

Regardless of its size, your backyard is the perfect venue for your date nights. You can either set up a picnic in the morning or go stargazing at night. Choose a clean area, spread out a comfy blanket, and bring your food outside. You can either cook a gourmet meal or have your favorite restaurant dishes delivered. Consider installing a wall projector in your backyard so you can have an alfresco movie marathon night. Set up your speakers, put on your favorite tunes, and slow dance under the stars. You can also roast marshmallows during cold nights while going through old love letters and photos. 

If you cannot leave your kids unattended for long periods, schedule your dates during the day. Start a vegetable garden or restore your flower beds. For sports lovers, you can set up a mini-golf course, a mini basketball court, or a table-tennis area, and have a friendly competition with your partner. 

Pretend to be sommeliers

Bring out a few of your favorite wine bottles from your liquor cabinet and go for a home wine tasting session. Pair it with cheese, crackers, chocolates, or with your favorite dishes. Research the basics of food pairing and get tips from experienced sommeliers. 

Mix your cocktails, or try making aphrodisiac drinks to rekindle the romance further. Studies show that drinking together can increase the level of intimacy between couples. Artsy couples can even replicate a sip and paint experience using their kids’ art materials and challenge each other to a paint-off. Take this chance to have meaningful conversations with your partner. Remember to put away your electronics, actively listen, and avoid bringing up old fights

Explore virtual activities or live streams

Several websites offer free live stream events such as concerts, festivals, ballets, and even museum tours. Search for upcoming shows or activities from your favorite artists and mark them in your calendars. Even if you are only watching virtually, prepare for the occasion by sporting your favorite traditional dress, fixing your makeup, or putting on a suit jacket. 

Get fit together by joining an online workout class or dance the night away with a virtual DJ. Sign up for an interactive cooking lesson or learn a new language together with the help of an online tutor. 

The daily load of parenthood is overwhelming for most parents, especially during this time of crisis. It is quite common for couples to lose their identity after they have children. Going on regular date nights will strengthen the foundation of your relationship and prevent it from crumbling apart. 

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