Popular Mobile Gaming Apps for July

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There have been a number of exciting mobile games hitting the market in recent months and this summer is no exception. If you want some entertainment to keep you occupied when you’re soaking up the rays at the beach, you should check out Slots Boat, Does Not Commute or Tales from the Borderlands.

Slots Boat

The creators of this pirate adventure game have come up with the perfect combination of traditional slot play and exciting adventure game. As the captain of a pirate ship you get to manage your crew, as you sail the seas of the world searching for hidden treasures.

Spin the slots as you go, and you can win all sorts of great free prizes and coins; take a look at the action in more detail at https://www.slotsboat.com. You can challenge your friends, or you can welcome them into your crew.

The Slot Boats app links with Facebook where you can check out updates and offers. You also receive 5,000 coins when you download the free app for iOS or Android.

Tales from the Borderlands

Equally familiar with gamers on both desktop, game console and mobile, the Borderlands universe continues to grow in popularity. The title comes from Telltale Games, the same people who brought the Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us to the gaming community.

The action takes place on a desolate planet, Pandora, where players encounter their fair share of action, in the form of characters Rhys and Fiona. The game follows the same point and click, episodic format of former Telltale productions. Choices you make as a player, have a direct and significant effect on the direction the game then takes.

One of the great things about Tales from the Borderlands is that there are five episodes to keep you occupied. The Tales from the Borderlands adventure is available to download for Android and iOS as a cost of US $5 per episode or US $25 for the whole season.

Does not commute

This driving game from Mediocre is strangely addictive. The basic premise of Does not Commute is to navigate a vehicle from A to B, in a small 1970s town, in a restricted amount of time; but it gets far more complicated than that.

As soon as you reach your destination time resets and you start on another journey through the same town, as a different character. On the journey you have to avoid crashing into your previous self.

The more successful journeys you make successfully, the more new journeys will be available to you. As the journey’s build up so does complete traffic chaos, as you desperately try to avoid crashing with your previous selves. If you do crash, your vehicle will slow down and you probably won’t reach your destination in time.

The game features lots of characters, including Dr Charles Schneider and Mr Mayfield. You also get to steer several different vehicles including a school bus and a hot dog van. Along the way discover the answer to questions such as will Mr Baker quit his job, and what’s with the mask on Mrs Griffin’s face? The Does not Commute free app is available to download for iOS and Android.

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