Practical Ways To Help a Grieving Friend

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It’s horrible knowing that a friend is grieving and you can’t take their pain away. When someone’s grieving, there is little that can be said or done to change their mood. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to help their life seem slightly easier during a time of great stress and sadness. 

We all know that we can send flowers or check-in messages. And that’s great. But when people are grieving, they often need help with the practical things. So, what can you do to help? 

Legal issues

When someone is grieving, the last thing they want to think about is taking action. However, sometimes it might be unavoidable. Assist your friend through this difficult time by helping them to find a wrongful death lawyer or accompanying them to meetings, if they would like this. Taking the first step in these procedures can feel daunting, and your friend may need some support. 

Cooking and cleaning

Cooking and cleaning for a household can be overwhelming at the best of times. When your friend is grieving, this might be something they really struggle with, especially if there are extra family members milling about. So, help practically by cooking meals and cleaning the house. While your friend might not feel up to eating much, it’s essential that they get the nutrients they need. Try making some fun and nutritious meals, like these delicious Mexican dishes


Your grieving friend might find life particularly difficult if they have kids to look after. While some people find it helps to focus on looking after their children during tough times, others can find it more difficult. They might need time alone, which can be challenging when little ones are running about. Help your friend by providing childcare whenever it might be needed. 

Financial aid

When a friend is grieving, they may struggle financially. Perhaps the person who died was the main earner, or your friend isn’t up to working. If you are able to help financially, then do what you can.  

Funeral planning

Funeral panning is stressful, period. Your grieving friend is expected to put on a pleasant, well-managed event when they are at their lowest. Many people have no idea how to plan a funeral. While funeral planners will help in the process, your friend will always benefit from some extra hands. So, be practical and help where you can. This might mean catering, sending invitations, lodging guests or helping to find a venue. Getting through the funeral is often the toughest time, so your help will be needed. However, make sure the help doesn’t stop there. Grief is an ongoing process, and your friend will need you for a while. 

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