Pre-workout Activities That Will Boost Your Exercise

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A woman coach teaches exercises to her students.

Everyone has a body goal, and some even make effort to get it, if they do not already have it. Workouts have become a vital part of the regular day-to-day routine and more people are being international about keeping fit. Like any activity aimed at producing results, preparation is a vital step in working out. So remember to check this list of pre-workout activities before stepping out to the gym for your next workout session.

Snack on something

This is usually not everyone’s favorite pre-workout routine but If you feel like you need some fuel for the work there’s no need to fight it. Simply find something to snack on. You may find it hard to effectively exercise if you do not have enough energy for the process. This, however, does not mean that you have to force food down. You can carry on with your workout session even without eating anything, especially during early morning work out. You should still have some fuel from the dinner you had the previous night. In fact, eating before a morning workout can make you feel too heavy for the short head biceps exercises, and may result in a stomach upset when you’re done. Choose light meals before working out, but ensure that the snack contains enough carbs and protein. Also, ensure you don’t eat too close to your workout session, eating an hour or so before the workout should provide you with enough energy without making you feel too full.

Ensure you are wearing the right clothes and footwear for the workout

Clothing is an important part of your workout. You want to be able to move, stretch, run and get into certain positions that your workout routine demands. Your workout clothing should make you feel comfortable and flexible, this way you can easily complete the timeframe for the exercise. The type of workout you do sometimes determines the type of clothing you choose. Athletic sports may require more comfortable sportswear than is needed for Yoga. You don’t need sneakers for Yoga, but you do for gym work out. Check the bra, shorts, leggings, footwear, and everything you will wear, and make sure that they fit your type of workout.

Do warm-up exercises

Warming up before your workout will improve your flexibility and performance. It warms up your muscles, gets your body ready for the exercise, and consequently improves your performance. There are different types of pre-workout exercises you can do. Spot jogging is a very effective one. It involves a series of leg lifts while on a spot; you may also jog back and forth your workout space if you can. Doing each jogging for about thirty seconds to one minute can help to improve blood circulation.

Squat is another effective pre-workout exercise, providing the needed tone for your lower body. Start with a few squats that stop halfway, before progressing to full squats. You can also try doing plank, a pushup position that also helps to tone the muscles. There are various ways of doing plank. You can start by doing it on your knees or with your arms fully extended while resting on your palms and toes. If you want to take it a step further try doing it on your forearm. Pre-workout exercises reduce the risk of injury and the muscle pain is less after the workout. 

Drink enough water

This cannot be overemphasized. The body needs water to work efficiently and since there will be a lot of sweating during the workout session you’ll be losing some of the water in your system. Hydrating is important before, during, and after your exercise. It cools your temperature, restores water loss through sweating, and helps you feel more comfortable. Asides, for work out, hydrating is a major requirement for keeping the body functioning properly. Some signs of dehydration during workouts are dizziness and muscle cramps. However, just as much as hydrating before working out is important, drinking too much water will not help you either. It will, not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also cause you to go on numerous pee breaks which will disrupt the session.

Get enough good quality sleep

Do not underestimate the importance of good sleep in improving your workout. Staying up late at night means you wake up feeling exhausted and unable to effectively pull through the exercise. It may even result in you missing your workout for that day. And there is the problem of overeating for the rest. Since you have burnt enough calories for the exercise, you want to replenish your energy store and so you may find yourself eating more than you should. Get at least six to seven hours of quality sleep before your workout.

Use recommended supplements

This is not compulsory, but if you have a pre-workout supplement that helps to take your workout performance top the notch then you want to take that before starting. Most pre-workout supplements provide an energy boost needed for your exercise. They contain amino acids and caffeine which increase blood flow by dilating the blood vessels of your body.

Have a planned workout routine

One common reason why people don’t get the best result from their exercise is that they did not plan the process. They do not know which routine should come first or the one that follows so they randomly do routines as they come to mind, with no plan or timing to follow. This technique cannot give the best result, it only makes the process more difficult and exhausting, and to cap it all, it will be difficult to reach your workout goal. To solve this, you can enroll in a fitness course, like the pilates instructor course, or you can use a smartphone workout app. Most of these apps already have different workout routines that you can follow. Each routine is timed and targeted to achieve a particular workout goal, so just choose what works for you and go with the flow.

The result of your fitness routine is not a product of only the times you were working it out and sweating in the gym. A large portion of it is a result of the work that has been done before you started, and how you have prepared your body for the session.

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