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I'm helping your prepare for holiday travel with the help of TravelWise's packing cubes!The holiday season is finally upon us. Something many people do this time of year is travel to visit family and friends. Staying organized while traveling is a must. I hate when my suitcase or overnight bag is a mess of clothes. Thanks to the Eat Smart Products’ TravelWise Packing Cubes, I don’t have to deal with this anymore!


Preparing For Holiday Travel

TravelWise’s 3 piece packing cubes come with a small, media, and a large cube. They are great for being able to compartmentalize similar items – I like to put pants in the large one, shirts and tank tops in the medium one, and undergarments and socks in the small one.travelwise-packing-cubes-02All of my items fit great in these durable packing cubes. I like the mesh design because if I go through TSA with them on my carry on, they can easily see what’s in them if they need to search my suitcase. I like that they are made with high-quality nylon fabric as well, and have durable 2-way easy-pull zippers. travelwise-packing-cubes-03If you are like me, you will like having all of your items organized and placed neatly in your suitcase. There’s nothing that I hate more than to open up my suitecase and all of my items are in a jumbled mess. Thanks to these great packing cubes, that is not an issue anymore. I highly recommend rolling your items, especially bottoms and tops, in your packing cubes. I feel like you can fit more in them this way. I feel like I can fit more items in my suitcase overall thanks to these cubes since the clothes are more organized and take up less room thanks to these cubes.

If you are traveling this holiday season, or anytime in the future, I highly recommend these TravelWise Packing Cubes. They are great quality and perfect for fitting more into your suitcase and having items better organized when traveling. Happy travels!

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  1. This looks like such an organized way to travel! I’d love to use this!

  2. Brandi Dawn says

    I love to keep my stuff organized too. These cubes look great for that. They are super cute too!

  3. Betsy Barnes says

    I love these! I would certainly be more organized using these when I travel.

  4. Terry Stevens says

    I have never seen these before but will certainly have to give them a try when I travel.

  5. I have a couple of packing cubes that my MIL gave me. However, I already roll my clothes when I pack so I don’t use the cubes.

  6. I’m re-thinking the use of packing cubes. I realize that rolling and then compressing in a cube makes sense.

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