Prevent Your Cat From Clawing Your Furniture

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Don’t you all love your little pet cats? But if you have a cat at home, you must be aware of their clawing habits. Do you still like your pet cats when they’re clawing your furniture and scratching your important papers? I bet you don’t. This gets so irritating after a while that all you want to do is lock your cat up in a cage.

Feels a bit harsh, isn’t it? But don’t worry because we know how you can prevent your pet cats from clawing out all your furniture without locking them up in a cage. Here are 3 solutions to your cat clawing problems that you might wanna try before you have to get rid of your little friend.

  1. Get Yourself a Cat Nail Grinder

First things first, you must get rid of those sharp pointy nails of your cat which it uses to claw things and cause damage to your furniture. There are different ways of cutting your cat’s pointy nails. There are nail scissors, nail clippers, nail grinders, etc. All devices are used to cut sharp nails of your pet cats but each of the devices works differently. You can buy all of them or you can buy what works best for you. 

We recommend buying a nail grinder because it works best for cats. Judging by the many positive cat nail grinder reviews that we have collected in our survey, 80% of cat owners use a nail grinder because of its efficiency. A cat nail grinder gets the job done quickly and smoothly without causing any complications. Furthermore, it minimizes the chances of hurting the innocent animal like the scissors.

  1. Buy Your Cat a Scratching Post

Cats are considered as the most demanded pet animals all around the world which is why there are many things you can get for your cats. A Scratching Post is an essential cat accessory that every cat owner must have at their home. It is made of a wooden base on the top of which a patch of rough fabric or sisal is stuck with the help of nails or glue gun. It is especially meant for cats to claw and calm their active spirits.

  1. Train Your Cats not to Claw Furniture

Another thing that you can do to prevent your furniture from getting damaged by your pet cat’s sharp paws is training. There are trainers who can train your cats to get them to do what you want. If you don’t want to hire a trainer, you can also teach your cat not to claw your furniture at home. This might sound difficult but you can use cat food as reward. Whenever your cat claws furniture, scold it to stop it. If it listens to you, reward your cat. It will soon learn that clawing your home furniture is bad and it will avoid doing it.


These are three simple ways in which you can prevent your cats from clawing out your precious furniture.

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