Pros and Cons of Working as a Freelance Transcriber

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We all are aware of the fact that every job comes with its advantages and disadvantages, similarly working for freelance transcription jobs too has its pros and cons. Many people who get the role of freelance transcription jobs usually companies about certain demerits and brag about merits. Knowing both merits and demerits of any profession gives a definite idea to the person about the nature of that profession.

Anyone who is thinking to put on a try in the field of transcription must be fully aware of its pros and cons so that you can decide whether or not the job is suitable for you. In this article, we are going to discuss both pros and cons of working as a freelance transceiver.

Pros of working as a freelance transcriber are:-

  • The flexibility of time and work

The major pros that freelance transcription jobs offer are flexible timings for the transcribers to present the work. Doing work within a set time table is really a turn off for the majority of workers, there is a sheer pressure on them to submit the assigned work within the given deadline. Nowadays people want flexible time for doing a quality of work. 

The freelance transcription jobs offer this flexibility of time. There is no great pressure on the freelance transcriber for the submission of work. It gives enough time to the worker to convert the speech or video into a written text document. 

Who would not want to work in such an environment where there is a negligible amount of pressure on the freelance transcriber? Surely many would turn up. plus they will be getting their payment on time.

  • Your listening and typing skills can improve

If you want to pursue your career as a transcriptionist, freelancing transcription jobs can actually be of great help. Certain industries and business firms provide experience certificates or internship certificates to their freelance transcribers based on their progress and way of working which can help in the future endeavours. 

Your hearing and typing skills are bound to improve while working for dormzi in freelance transcription jobs. It is rightly said that nothing goes in waste, especially when it is about enhancing skills. With the help of improved hearing and typing skills, you can be of great use in the field of journalism, typist, or even if you participate in debates.

  • Work from home

Amidst this global pandemic, everyone wants a suitable job which they can operate from home. Even before this pandemic, people wanted a comfortable atmosphere for working and what can be more comfortable than your own home? 

In freelance transcription jobs, one can get the desired comfortable working condition. All you need to do is work on your project thoroughly, get into conference calls or live videos with the team via online apps. As a freelance transcription, you are free to join and leave as per your convenience and wants, there is no agreement or deal that can bound or force you to stay aligned with the company. 

In your comfortable bed with your favourite snacks and coffee, you can do your job in just a few typings and earn a good amount of money. The job is appropriate for students, housewives, physically handicapped people and others who have a problem in stepping out of their homes for work.

Cons of working as a freelance transcriber are:-

  • Extra expense for purchasing your personal equipment

Major cons of working for freelance transcription jobs is that you will have to buy every required equipment on your own. Generally, when you work as a fulltime transcriber in a company then they provide you with every necessary appliance, so you don’t have to expense your money on that. 

Tools like headphones, foot pedals, laptop, broadband and other software have to be purchased by the worker itself. In freelance jobs, the owner has no responsibility of providing the required tools. So if you are a beginner and have no equipment for the job that simply means you will have to buy everything from scratch.

  • No job assurance 

Another setback is that there is no job assurance provided by the recruiter in freelance transcription jobs. It solely depends on the quality of work done by the freelance transcribers, the more labour applied on the project the more is the chance of your survival in the company. 

Everyone wants the security of a job so that they don’t have to bother or worry about getting fired for nothing. However, the chances of losing a job in freelancing jobs are very common. In reality, you can lose your job without your fault sometimes because the role of a transcriber is short-lived. So if you want your job to be secure, you really need to put extra efforts so that your work outshines others.

The company can dismiss you before issuing any notice as there is no agreed tenure. The recruiter is in charge of the work that you are allocated. 

  • Payments issues 

Working as a freelance transcriber is not easy, there is no possible security about the job as well as the payments. If a company turns out to be a scam or a fraud there is very little that you can do to get your payment, as there is no legit and concrete contract to show it as a proof that you actually worked for the company. 

Freelancing market is a very susceptible market, as nobody knows each other. Similarly, in the field of the freelance transcriber as well there is no security for anything. Some days you will get your payment before the agreed date and the other days there can be a delay in the payment process. 

Moreover, what makes the situation more helpless is that you almost can’t do anything except to wait patiently and be negotiating with the clients. 

Hence, one must go through all the pros and cons before considering the freelance transcriber jobs, it is backed with both merits and demerits.

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