Proven Maintenance Tips To Prolong Your Car’s Life

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Buying a car is a milestone achievement for almost every adult. Once you’ve reached this milestone, your next focus is to probably preserve and maintain your car’s new condition for as long as possible. Stats prove that an average car survives the American roads for around 11.5 years. Certainly, cars are bound to sustain the wear and tear of the unpredictable roads and even the top performers deteriorate in their quality after a couple of years. However, with the right upkeep, it’s possible to preserve your car’s newness and make it last longer. 

If you want to drive your car for years in its top condition, you need to invest some time, energy, and money in its maintenance. 

Take a cue from these proven maintenance tips to extend your car’s life.

  • Treat Your Car Like a Really Good First Date 

How you drive your car in the initial days is a determinant of its shelf-life. If you are careful during the initial cruising days, your car will run smoother and longer.

During the first few hours of driving, light to medium accelerations work well. Try to keep the engine RPMs below 3000 in this duration and make sure you don’t go beyond 55 mph during the first 1000 miles. Also, do not let your new car sit idle in the garage for a long time. 

Also, refrain from carrying a heavy load in your car. 

  • Be a Conscious Driver

The way you drive your vehicle on every outing has an impact on its engine and transmission. Below are the popular Do’s and Don’ts while driving your most prized possession:

  • Avoid revving the engine during cold start.
  • Your engine and drivetrain go through extensive wear during the first ten to twenty minutes of drive; therefore, accelerate slowly. 
  • When you stop at a traffic signal, put the gear in neutral to avoid strain on the engine, as well as the transmission. 
  • When it is extremely cold or hot outside, refrain from driving at high speeds. 
  • Sudden starts and stops, quick turns, driving through potholes, etc. take a toll on the tires, brakes and suspension parts. 
  • Power steering pump gets damaged when the wheel is held in an extreme left or right position. Refrain from doing this. 
  • Be patient when you are stuck 

Getting stuck in mud or snow is every driver’s worst nightmare. If you happen to get stuck somewhere, have patience. Desperate attempts to move your car back and forth repeatedly in an attempt to wiggle it out will put extra strain on the engine and tires. So, it’s better to stay calm, call for help, and prevent further damage.  

  • A Checkup a Day Keeps the Mechanic Away

More often than not, the craze of a new car wears off and owners stop taking care of their car actively. Frequent car checkups and routine maintenance are essential to extend the life expectancy of your vehicle.

Your car may not be posing any problem currently, but it still needs service and maintenance at regular intervals. Every part of your car, whether tires, diesel pump source, water pump, or gearbox, all of them suffer wear and tear when you drive. 

Take your car to a reputed service center for regular servicing. Timely maintenance prevents auto part failure, ensures safety, enhances fuel efficiency, delivers better performance, and prolongs the life of your car. 

  • Cleanliness Is Next to Auto Godliness

The final tip is to keep your car clean. While washing your car, clean the engine with a dry cloth or specialized engine cleaning solutions. Also, check your cabin filter and air filter for dirt or debris. Change if required. Vacuum your floor mats, AC vents and seats regularly.

Final Thoughts

A little care and attention can go a long way in keeping a car in its pristine condition. Do not skip regular service and never skimp on quality parts and accessories. A penny spent on maintenance can save dollars in the long run.

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