Questions To Ask A Moving Company Before Hiring Their Service

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To any service you will hire, asking questions is a must. There are some that are hesitant to ask questions simply because they think that they know everything already. One moving company is different from the other, hence do not assume. 

Asking questions is your key to ensure that you will not regret hiring any company. One of the most hired services is moving service. People move in or out of their home, office, etc., at least once in their life. Sure, there are some instances when a moving company’s service is not necessary anymore, especially if you have a huge vehicle and your belongings are not as much.

But needless to say, if you need a trusted moving company like Inside Moves, asking questions is what you have to consider.

So, what are these questions to ask? Read below:

  • Warranty

One of the first things to ask about a moving company service is the warranty they provide together with their service. There are many questions about the warranty you need to clarify before finally hiring them. To provide a few questions you must not forget to ask about warranty, read below:

  • What are the exclusions and inclusions on the warranty: Make sure that everything is itemized about the warranty’s inclusions and exclusions before signing a contract. You would not want to end up empty-handed just because you did not ask this very carefully
  • Is there a warranty cap: You might have a very precious, expensive item to entrust them, hence it is important that you confirm if they have a warranty cap. If the cap is too low compared to the prices of your belongings, thinking twice about hiring their service is recommended
  • Is there a participation fee to pay: When an unfortunate event happens, do you need to pay a participation fee before getting the full warranty?
  • What are the reasons for disqualifications: What could be the possible reasons of getting disqualified with the warranty? You have to make sure that you know the reasons for getting disqualified so you can avoid it
  • Rates

There are a lot of questions about rates you must not miss to ask. Rates are very important especially if you are on a budget. Some of the question about rates you must not forget to ask are:

  • What if the move will be done after hours, is there an additional fee for that?
  • What payment options do you have available? Do you accept credit cards, electronic wallet payments, etc.?
  • Do I need to pay in full before the service is provided?
  • Can you offer me discounts?
  • Availability

Meanwhile, availability is also very important when hiring a moving Mudanzas Bogotá service. There are many questions about availability you need to confirm before formally hiring their service. 

Below are a few questions to ask under this criterion:

  • What are your business operating hours?
  • Can you provide me with a moving service exactly on the day I need it?
  • What are the available vehicles do you have?
  • Do you have all the packing materials needed to securely transit my items?
  • How many people will you dispatch to render service?
  • Other services

You may also want to know the available services they offer apart from moving your belongings from one point to another. Here are a few questions to ask about other services they offer:

  • Do you have temporary storage where you can stock your belongings for a short period of time?
  • Do you have the right packing materials to secure my items? Boxes, tapes, bubble wrap etc.

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