Questions To Ask Before Buying A Classic Car

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Never buy a classic car unless you are 100% sure. Composing as many questions as you can to the seller, to yourself and even to people around you is a must. You should not buy this kind of a car in a rush, not only because it is expensive but also, it is not easy to maintain at all.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Classic Car

Sure, you would not know how honest and true sellers are to their claims. Considering trust and your gut feel is important to somehow assess the accuracy of the seller’s answers to your questions. But needless to say, asking questions is far better than buying a car:

Just to help you, below are good questions you must get answers to, before buying a classic car:

  • Why Do You Want To Sell Your Car?

This is a question you have to ask the seller before inspecting the car. Sure, he/she will give excuses that will make you not think that he/she is disposing of a trash car, but needless to say, you can somehow feel his/her answers whether it is genuine or not. 

  • How Long Is The Classic Car In Their Possession?

You must know how many people own the car before he/she got it and how long is it in his/her possession. The longer the time the car is in their ownership, the more familiar they are with the car’s condition. 

The more information they know about the classic car’s history, the better and more recommended. Getting this information is critical considering that this can help you know the previous repairs and issues you must need to pay close attention to. 

  • What Are The Repairs Needed Immediately?

This information should be provided by the owner in detail. You would not want to end up spending money unexpectedly after few days of purchase since the owner did not declare such information. 

You may also want to know whether there is a mechanic they regularly call for any issues, as you may want to consider him/her as well in case you plan to buy the classic car. 

  • Is It Okay If You Bring A Mechanic Or An Appraiser To Check On The Car?

It is unethical to immediately bring a mechanic or an appraiser without asking permission to the owner. Ask whether it is okay for you to bring a mechanic and appraiser to check the vehicle’s condition.

If they agree, then you are lucky and you might be speaking to a right seller and if they don’t then that can be very tricky and considering another seller on your list is recommended. 

The more questions you formulate, the better and more recommended. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy from an online shop selling classic cars and parts, like Clasiq, it is recommended that you call their customer service support team for questions. Online shops are also more recommended than individuals, as you are given more car options when you check on sites and they are actually more reliable, considering they are a trusted and well known classic car seller. 

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