Rainy or Snowy Day? Think Pop-Up Canopies!

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Although a lot of people’s thoughts this time of the year have turned towards indoor activities, roaring fires, and stockings hung with care, we’re here to tell you–there are times and places pop-up canopies come in handy! In the winter, no matter where you live in the US, we all have to shoulder through winter precipitation. In some states, that means snow, while in others, that means rain. How do you keep dry? We have some suggestions. 

Pop-Up Canopies Help Out at Fairs and Festivals

There are a lot of winter fairs, markets, and festivals during this time of year. People are outselling handmade crafts to put in stockings, underneath the tree, or to give as a Hanukkah gift. No one wants to shop and be merry in the drizzle. Pop-up canopies can keep shoppers dry and happy while they look through bazaar gifts or marketplace treasures. During the festival season, pop-up canopies can be a lifesaver that means more sales for your market or festival. 

Charity Work? Pop-ups!

The holiday season is a great time for charity work as well. Many organizations hold gift-wrap booths for charity, sell items or solicit donations. If customers are protected from the rain or snow, you may see your charity work really benefit–and who doesn’t want that? Are you working with shelter animals? Think about how much cuter they’ll be to people who can stay dry while they look!

Sporting Events

Ask any sports parent. There is nothing like watching your child at a football playoff game, soccer tournament or pre-season baseball or softball practice if you’re cold and wet. Even parents whose children are on the swim team want to be able to shelter from the drizzle, mist, and sleet while they take tickets and assign numbers before people go into the natatorium. Pop-up canopies are a must for sporting families

Winter Camping

Believe it or not, a lot of people really love winter camping. There is something about the majesty of the woods during the winter that some people really enjoy. We love that people still enjoy camping, hiking, and skiing outdoors, even in the winter. Canopies are great for winter activities, from keeping picnic tables dry and ice-free to providing a roof over sleeping bags, to placing gear under to keep it out of the weather. Many people won’t go winter camping without at least one canopy, and we don’t blame them. 

What Size Canopy Is Good For the Winter Months?

We have lots of different canopy sizes to offer, so you’ll be able to find a canopy that is the perfect size for you. We have canopies that can clamp onto a picnic table to provide shelter at a campground. We also have easy-set up canopies that can quickly provide shelter from the elements. There are canopies that will easily accommodate a family of four, and larger canopies for your whole camping group. Whatever size of canopy you need, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. With a canopy as part of your winter gear, you’ll be ready to tackle anything winter can throw at you. 

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