Four Reasons that Diamond Painting Will be Your New Favorite Hobby

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find a creative outlet that’s unique, fun, and a great experience that can be shared by the whole family. Luckily, Diamond Painting ticks all of those boxes.

1 – A New Way to be Creative

First and foremost, Diamond Painting is fun! You use small diamond-like resin rhinestones placed in specific patterns to achieve a sparkling, colorful design.

A creative alternative to both puzzles and traditional paint by numbers, Diamond Painting combines the best of both worlds. Placing each diamond on the color-coded template serves as a sort of puzzle, providing that satisfaction of placing each little piece. The artistic nature of a paint by numbers and the methodical, problem-solving aspects of a puzzle combine to form a fascinating design.

Options for templates are endless, which allows you the option to adhere to your own aesthetic or branch out and try something new. These templates range from traditional patterns all the way to hyper-detailed, exact matches for famous paintings like Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or even the “Mona Lisa.” When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall and show off to friends and family.

2 – Self Care

Diamond Painting is also an up and coming method for de-stressing and reducing anxiety. Everyone experiences some sort of stress, whether it’s related to your job, your family, or not taking enough time for yourself. Placing each individual diamond onto the color-coded template is soothing. It gives you an opportunity to focus your energy on the task at hand, rather than all of the stressful thoughts running through your mind.

Even if you live a very hectic life, setting aside a few minutes a day can drastically improve your mood or serve as a relaxing way to unwind after a stressful day at work. Diamond Painting can also be especially helpful for anyone that may be recovering from a procedure or injury. It’s also great for someone who is simply not feeling their best. It’s an easy and very low impact activity, which allows people with low mobility to have a creative outlet without putting themselves at risk.

It’s also helpful for people who would like to be creative but prefer to follow a template or guide.

3 – Skill Building

The best part of diamond painting? While you’re unwinding and creating a piece of art, you’re also building your brainpower skills. Matching colors and putting together patterns is a healthy mental exercise for everyone.

It’s also especially helpful for children. Learning to place each individual diamond increases patience, artistic ability, and an understanding of both colors and patterns. Focusing on a task like diamond painting for a long period of time has also been shown to improve fine motor skills, especially hand-eye coordination. The individual diamonds are quite small, so each time you pick up and place a diamond on the template you’re exercising and improving that portion of your brain.

4 – Social Opportunities

One of the other great things about diamond painting is the social aspect. You can always use diamond painting as an individual activity, but there is also the option of sharing and collaborating with family or friends.

Because it is so accessible, the entire family can join in and make diamond painting a fun family activity. Many people also enjoy sharing patterns, progress, and ideas across social media groups. There are even clubs that hold diamond painting sessions.

The possibilities for exercising creativity, building brainpower, and broadening your social circle are endless with diamond painting!

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