5 Reasons to Pick An Air Cooler This Summer

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As the harsh summer months inch closer and closer, our lives change as well. We drink ice-cold water, wear flimsy clothes, and, most importantly, start our hunt for an air conditioner. Surviving in any urban settlement without a cooling system is almost impossible, but shelling out vast sums of money for buying and renting an air conditioner can become a burden. Air conditioners also cause many other problems, like making you more prone to catching a cold and reducing heat tolerance. There’s a great alternative to air conditioners, which is the humble air cooler. It provides several benefits in a variety of ways and is an excellent replacement for the AC. Read on to know the five reasons as to why you should pick an air cooler. 

  1. Easy on the pocket – 

Everyone requires the need for cooling, not just select groups of people. But to even rent air conditioner, let alone buy, is a hefty affair and not financially feasible for a lot of people. However, air coolers are effective and affordable. They start from prices as low as 5000 rupees, which is a great bargain. You can get it for a lesser amount by taking the cooler on rent.  Not only that, but it is easy in terms of electricity consumption as well, thus reducing your power bills. It is said that using an air cooler can bring an 80% decrease in your electricity bills. This brings us to the next reason.

  1. Environmentally friendly – 

Air coolers are much more environmentally friendly than regular air conditioners. It uses water as a cooling agent, whereas air conditioners use Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrofloruocarbons, which, as we know, are harmful to the environment. Not only that but air coolers are also energy-efficient, using less electricity than their counterparts, as we already mentioned. 

  1. Portable – 

Another great feature that makes air coolers better is its portability. It is easy to carry and isn’t a hassle to move, which is a boon, especially when you’re shifting. The best types of air coolers come attached with wheels on the bottom, which make it easy to move. But that’s not all. It’s also easy to use and install and doesn’t usually require professional assistance, unlike air conditioners. This means you not only save time and effort but a significant chunk of money as well. 

  1. No dryness – 

Does your skin feel taut after staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time? If it does, that’s because an AC sucks out the moisture of a room and makes it extremely dry. This can be damaging to your skin, and make it hard to breathe, thus worsening asthma. However, an air cooler doesn’t make your room dry but keeps it just as fresh and cool. 

  1. No special requirements – 

Installing and keeping an air conditioner is a finicky job. It requires a window unit, and the room needs to be sealed for cooling to occur. Maintenance of an AC is also hard, and quite expensive. However, an air cooler calls for none of these, and it can function properly in all kinds of rooms. It is easy to clean and maintain and needs no extra effort. 

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