Reasons to Visit Montreal

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Montreal is in a part of Canada known as Quebec. It is a French-speaking city and UNESCO has categorized it as one of the Cities of Design. There are tons of things you could do in the city of Montreal if you happen to be visiting. Montreal Tours offer all-pass tour access to the city. You get to see historical monuments that contribute to the heritage of the city. There are a couple of reasons why you should visit Montreal and we’re going to highlight some of them.

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Street Art

Montreal has to be one of the coolest art cities in the world. The kind of street art in Montreal is unique and you’re not likely to get anywhere in the world. You will get diverse and controversial art on the walls in the streets. It could range from bold political statements to huge beautiful birds flying away which is an indication of freedom.

Cycle Friendly

There are not a lot of cities in the world that are cycle friendly. You can just imagine how chaotic it could be trying to get from one point to another in the streets of New York using a bike. Montreal is far from hectic. The roads are bigger and organized to promote the free flow of traffic. There is also a grid system that makes it easy to move around without having to worry about forms of transportation.

The hundreds of miles of cycle lanes connect together in an organized way and you can get pretty much anyway in the city with your bike. That is why most tour companies offer bike tours because of the convenience of moving around.

Outdoor Stairs

When Montreal was being built, there was a big issue with the snow falling from the roof to people on the roads or the pavements. The necessitated the introduction of a law that required the houses have to have a certain distance away from the walking pavement and the street. Necessity breeds ingenuity and someone came up with the idea of putting the stairs outdoor so that more space can be created.

Fun Fact: The postman might not be able to deliver mail if you don’t clear the steps during winter.

The beauty of the Old Town

There are several restaurants, boutiques, bars, and cool cafes to explore in the old town. You can look out for Poutine, a Canadian specialty if you’re tight on cash. The meal consists of basically chips and gravy but most Canadians will argue it is more complex than that.

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Even though the whole of Montreal can be seen as an actual museum, there are different sorts of museums in the city. For starters, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has more than 41,000 work of art to keep you busy.

The Biodome is another cool place you could also visit. You can check out the penguins during feeding time which is always an exciting experience. Just make sure you’re not going during school time to void interacting with pesky kids. The Biodome has over 4500 animals from 250 unique species.

The Summer Beach

The Clock Tower Beach is the perfect place to sweat those hot Montreal summer days. The place is only open during the summer. You can’t swim in the water because it is a river which is too dangerous. The alternative would be just to sit back, relax and enjoy the views of the boats. You can still benefit even if you visit Montreal during winter as you can still check out the snowboarding slopes.


There are 17 parks in Montreal which are entertainment hubs for families. There is ice skating during winter and concerts in the summer. There will always be something to do regardless of the season. If you have an interest in birds, Summit Park is the best place to be.

 The Notre Dame Cathedral

Forget about the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, there is one too in Quebec. The aesthetics both on the outside and inside is something to marvel. You get to enjoy the peace as you savor the architectural masterpiece.

To sum it up, if you intend to visit Canada, Montreal should be in your travel itinerary. There are too many places to visit. Make sure you’re using a reliable tour company to take you around. Plan the trip in advance to avoid last minute rush. Don’t be surprised if Montreal becomes one of your favorite cities to visit. The French spirit and Canadian hospitality make it such a wonderful place to visit.

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