10 Reasons To Visit Your Local Pet Store

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Countless people make their way to pet stores to find new non-human family members and the items they need to take care of them. Pet stores aren’t just places to buy pets and supplies, though. They’re incredibly diverse shops that offer a range of options and experiences. Consider the following 10 reasons you should visit your local pet store every chance you get.

1) Keeping Your Pet Healthy

One of the most obvious reasons to visit a Calgary Pet Store would be to find all the supplies you need to keep your pet healthy. Pet stores stock an extensive selection of foods for different types of pets. They offer far more options than the supermarket. Whether you’re looking for basic affordable pet food or a high-end brand, you’ll be able to find it. If your pet has special dietary needs, like weight management, kidney issues, or certain food allergies, you’ll be able to find options to cater to them.

Pet stores offer a variety of medications for your furry family members as well. Vitamins, antifungals, antibiotics, and allergy medications are only a few of the possibilities. You’ll find medications to combat skin issues, nervousness, pain, heartworms, and an endless array of other problems. From nutritious foods to helpful medications, pet stores offer several ways to keep your pet healthy.

2) Fostering Safety

Finding ways to keep your pet safe is another reason to visit a pet store. Many products fall into this category. Those include leashes for keeping your pets close. Leashes alone can foster safety in several ways. They prevent pets from wandering away or running into traffic when you take them out. They can keep them away from other animals or people who mean them harm as well.

In addition to leashes, pet stores offer carriers and kennels. Those can make traveling with your pet easier and keep pets from getting into dangerous situations when you’re not home. Pet seat belts foster safety on road trips. Booties for their paws protect them against snow and ice or hot pavement. Those are only a few of the products available to protect your pets from outside dangers as well as their own curiosity.

3) Keeping Your Pet Clean and Groomed

You can also visit a pet store to find a variety of bathing essentials for your pet. Different pets have different needs when it comes to bathing, but you’ll find an extensive selection of shampoos and conditioners at a pet store. There’s also a selection of combs and brushes to suit the length, thickness, and texture of your pet’s fur. If your pet isn’t one of the furry ones, cleaning and grooming solutions are available to meet the needs of those animals as well. Clippers, nail trimmers, and numerous other products are also at your disposal. There are even detachable sprayers and other items to help make bath time for your pets easier for you.

4) Learning Experiences

Visiting a pet store can also be a learning experience. Maybe your pet is dealing with a problem you’re not sure how to handle. Perhaps you’ve noticed your pet exhibiting unusual behavior or symptoms and you don’t know how to help. It could be that you’re looking for new ways to enjoy time with your pet. On the other hand, maybe you’re thinking of getting a new pet and you’d like some advice on how to take care of it. Pet store employees can answer your questions and give you tips for taking care of your pet.

5) Enriching Your Pet’s Life

Beyond food, medications, and grooming supplies, pet stores have plenty of solutions for enriching your pet’s life. That includes an impressive selection of toys. Whether you have a large dog that’s rough on toys or a cat that seems completely disinterested in them, you’ll be able to find something to fit the situation. Of course, making your pet happy could be as simple as finding it a comfortable bed to snuggle into. Enrichment is essential for pets. It keeps them happy, active, and mentally stimulated. Pet stores offer countless options for just those purposes.

6) Adopting a Pet

You may be able to adopt a pet through a pet store as well. Some have pets on hand for sale whereas others partner with local shelters to host adoption fairs. Certain pet stores offer a blend of those two options. Either way, they can connect you with the perfect pet. It just so happens that the pet store will have all the supplies you need to bring home along with that new family member too. What could be more convenient?

7) Exploring New Possibilities

Perhaps you’d like to have a pet, but you’re not quite sure which one would fit into your life. Visiting a pet store may help you decide. You could explore the pets they offer and the accessories they have for them to find one that melds with your needs and lifestyle. Fish, birds, snakes, hamsters, bearded dragons, ferrets, and sugar gliders are only a few of the options available to you. Whether you’re considering a traditional cat or dog or looking to branch out in a different direction, browsing a local pet store can foster the decision-making process.

8) Community Events

Many pet stores host community events. Those include pet care workshops, animal fashion shows, pet talent shows, and many others. Those events can help bring members of the community together. They’re fun for people of all ages. They’re great experiences for people who own pets and those who don’t alike. They may even inspire you to train your pet to do tricks or add a new animal to your family.

9) Getting a Healthy Dose of Cuteness

Visiting a pet store can be a therapeutic experience as well. It’s no secret that pets can provide ample emotional support, but the benefits of spending time with animals go well beyond that. Being around animals can reduce stress and lift your spirits. It may lower your blood pressure or drive away loneliness, anxiety, or depression. Go to a pet store and watch fish swimming around in their tanks. Have a conversation with a kitten or enjoy a dog’s reaction when you approach it to say hello. You’ll be sure to get a healthy dose of cuteness when you venture out to a pet store. 

10) Making New Human Connections

Finally, consider the human connections you could make at a pet store. These places are hubs for people who love animals as much as you do, so you’re bound to run into at least a few people with the same interests as you. That offers a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and feel like part of a community. A human connection you make at a pet store could evolve into a lifelong friendship.

Making a Pet Store Part of Your Routine

Plenty of people visit pet stores to get the basic pet-care essentials. Many also turn to them to find pets. These places offer far more than that, though. They can provide advice and education and give you an opportunity to connect with animals and fellow humans. They offer a vast selection of supplies for keeping your pet clean, healthy, safe, and happy. With all that in mind, making visits to a pet store part of your routine makes perfect sense.

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