Reasons Why Custom Jewellery Is In Vogue

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some economic and social disruption. While some have been at risk of losing jobs or falling into poverty, others have had a cut down in remuneration. People set to tie a knot have had to delay the ceremony for the lack of medical and financial security. Professionals able to retain their jobs have seized every opportunity to invest for the future through mutual funds, fixed or recurring deposits, jewelery and other things. 

Because the pandemic has exposed persistent inequalities by income, age, race, sex and geographic location, custom-made jewelry has taken the world by storm to keep up with the trying times. As buyers seek out individualized or personalized ways to express themselves through their jewelry choices and affordability, it is no secret that the world of retail is rapidly changing. The focus shifts back to the customers and their convenience. How? Couples now don’t mind gifting or accepting a love band in 14K gold instead of a big solitaire ring to start off their relationship, and youngsters don’t mind getting their eyebrows or nose pierced with a small gold or diamond ring or stud to mark their achievement. Read ahead for the reasons why custom jewelry is in vogue.

1. Affordable

Before the mass production of clothing and wedding rings, customers employed tailors or jewelers to fit their bodies and taste and no one else’s. Also, jewelery is the perfect thing for personalization which entails some precious metals, expensive diamonds and gemstones, using intricate and skilled manual labor. When you buy custom jewelery in Seattle, you can choose the precious stones and colors based on your affordability, like one can choose a 5 diamond love band instead of 10. Not just that, you can also provide a design to create a customized piece that would reflect your personality, story and emotions.

2. Created exclusively for a customer

One may have been preparing to visit a Versace Winter fashion show since they were 13 years old. To look their best, they may have spent their savings on buying a Louis Vitton suit pants but now are not left with enough money to afford solitaire hoop rings. That’s when the custom-made chandelier earrings can come to their rescue. Customized jewelry can be created exclusively for a customer to coordinate with and complement a specific outfit, design, and color.  

3. Quality assurance

Jewelery designers and custom shops are legally bound to follow a standard of quality and show the necessary certificates for the piece being created. An added advantage is that you get to select each component, which ensures that the finished piece looks its best and gives a good return on investment (ROI) or holds its value over time.

4. Unique

Custom jewelery is in vogue because its designers create something never done before. They are motivated to blaze the trail and search out ideas and inspiration from different places. Designing and crafting a unique piece brings both a customer’s and maker’s most inventive ideas to life. Also, knowing that there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world can be extremely satisfactory.

5. Flexibility

Custom jewelery allows freedom of design and flexibility to accommodate all price ranges. The ability to be intimately involved from initial conception to the finished piece is extremely ensuring. The opportunity to see a 3D digital rendering prepares the customer to provide any design revisions for the final product. One also has the opportunity to replicate one’s family heirlooms.


It is a privilege to be able to choose a price range and design for their jewelery during the trying times of living during a pandemic.

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