5 Reasons Why Family Vacations Are Good for Children

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Many people see going on a family vacation as purely a luxury; however, family vacations are actually good for children and their overall mental health. Here are five reasons to consider taking your children on vacation.

1. Provides an opportunity to decompress

Children today are under an increased amount of pressure in school, sports, social groups, and more. Children are expected to know more sooner, exceed faster, and maintain balance in life when they are being overloaded in multiple areas. Allowing children to decompress is essential for their mental health. It will provide them with a chance to stop worrying about grades, performance, and succeeding. Instead, they can focus on relaxing, breathing, and remembering that they can do things for enjoyment, as opposed to as a means to an end. With the growing pressures on children today, it is more common than ever before for children to need counseling. Child therapists can help your children develop the skills they need to handle stress and external pressures. A counselor trained to work with children can also provide you more information on the importance of family vacations.

2. Encourages your child to open up

Your child may be experiencing so much pressure and stress that they have a hard time talking about how they are feeling. The inability to communicate may be particularly challenging if they feel the pressure is coming from their parents. Sometimes a parent’s desire for their child to succeed is misinterpreted by the child. Stepping away from everything and letting them decompress will encourage them to open up about how they are feeling. As a parent, you may discover your child has fears or interests you didn’t know about.

3. Get better connected

Spending even a few days together is an excellent opportunity for families to reconnect with each other. Spend time together hiking, sightseeing, eating, playing games, and trying out new adventures. Talk to each other about random topics. Sometimes starting a conversation about something random can reveal things you never knew. For example, ask your child what’s one place they want to visit or one adventure they want to try as an adult. Give your children opportunities to try new things with you and then talk to them about the experience, both what they learned and how they felt.

4. Step away from technology

Parents and children alike are glued to technology these days. While adults are continually talking about the negative impact of technology on children, they don’t see their level of addiction. Going on a technology-free vacation will give the whole family a chance to remember what they love most about the real world. You can have non-virtual reality adventures and experiences together. You can create bonds that you didn’t know were possible. While you may want to have your phone out to take photos of all your adventures, being present with your children is the essential part of the trip.

5. Try new things

Vacations are an excellent opportunity to try new things, eat fresh foods, and see new places. Even if the activity isn’t something on your bucket list, doing something new with your child creates a bond that will strengthen your overall relationship. Show your child that you are interested in the things they enjoy. You can also show them that family and relationships are about compromise and love. They may do something you wanted to do, and you do something they wanted to do. For example, Hanalei Bay Resort offers luxury rental condos on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. While at Hanalei Bay Resort, your family can go hiking and see the ocean, volcanos, and waterfalls. You can experience Hawaiian food and culture while also seeing plants and animals you won’t see anywhere else.

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