Reasons Why People Get Caught Up in Addiction

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Addiction is the number one health crisis in America and costs taxpayers 500 billion a year. The worst part is the majority of addiction cases are never reported. This could be as a result of the stigma and victimization associated with the condition. What a lot of people fail to realize is that addiction is a disease like any other and requires treatment. That is why it is crucial that you’re reaching out to a friend or a loved one as soon as you suspect they could be suffering from addiction. There are a couple of reasons that could lead to addiction and some of them include:

Addiction as a Coping Mechanism

There are some people that don’t want to face the realities of life. They will use drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and suffering that they could be going through. Such individuals are not likely to be sober at any time because they don’t want to face the realities of life. Once they started with the abuse, it will be almost impossible to stop unless there is an intervention. That is it is encouraged to speak out on the problems that you could be facing.

Peer Pressure

This is prevalent among teenagers.  They will want to experiment on drugs just because their friend is doing it or it is what is trending at that time. Before you know it you’re dealing with a full-blown addiction and you can’t seem to find a way out of it. That is why it is recommended that you choose your friends carefully. You don’t want to be hanging with people that will lead you to the path of destruction.

Peer pressure doesn’t have to lead to negative repercussions. You should never give in to the pressures of trying something that is harmful. If you find yourself being addicted, it is crucial that you’re looking for new friends that will influence you positively. The “just once” lie could be the reason you get addicted. Make sure you say no however tempting it might be.


Depression is a serious disease that affects millions of people. Being depresses is one of the worst feelings that anyone can experience. That is why some people will turn to substance abuse in order to escape from reality. Once you start taking drugs and alcohol, you might feel out of control which to a lot of people is like a relief. They’re no longer responsible for their own actions. This is something that is common among people who are depressed. That is why it is encouraged that you’re reaching out for help in case you feel trapped and there is no one to listen to you. Depression just like addiction, it’s a disease and there is treatment provided if you’re willing to be helped.


There are cases where addiction could be hereditary. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a solution to the problem. The sooner you know it is genetic the better so that you’re getting help in time. If the issue is genetic, you’re likely to notice the physical traits of a person. The environment could also contribute to making the condition worse. That is why it is recommended that you’re not hanging around places that could see lead to addiction.

Environmental Factors

There are a couple of environmental factors that could lead to addiction. The presence of drugs at home will only make things worse. There are people who start using drugs at an early age because of exposure at home. That is why parents need to be role models when bringing up their kids. There should provide a conducive environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. Such kids are likely to grow up with a positive outlook on life.


A kid might have grown up in a household that was addicted to drugs and alcohol. The trauma that they faced will not allow them to be sober and will have a totally different outlook on life. For such cases, reaching out to a facility like Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab will be the best solution. For the treatment to be effective, one will have to get to the bottom of the problem and this is only possible with rehab. It is imperative that you’re looking for a facility that has a track record of helping patients recover and also keeping them sober once the treatment is complete. Make sure you’re doing due diligence when searching for a rehab center so that you’re getting the best treatment.

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