Reasons Why You Need an Electric Fireplace in Your Home

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With winter getting colder every year, it has become impossible to live without a fireplace. Most homeowners love and appreciate having a cozy space in their house, where they get to rest and find shelter away from the harsh cold. Just imagine how perfect those nights spent indoors would be with your favorite hot drink in your hands. Unfortunately, not all homes come with heating systems installed, and it can be very costly to remodel your entire house. That is why many people are turning to electric fireplaces!

Whether you just rented a house, or already own one with no heating system, an electric fireplace will shelter you from chilly winter nights. These electric appliances offer the same benefits as conventional alternatives with added bonuses. Here are a few of these benefits. 

They’re Easy to Install 

Most conventional fireplaces will require a lot of effort and money to be installed. However, there is no need to go through that hassle when it comes to installing an electric fireplace. In almost all homes, all you need to do is pick a model, bring it home and plug it in. There will be no additional costs needed, and you won’t need to remodel your entire place. 

They’re Affordable 

Considering that there will be no maintenance done to your home or any major wall construction, this option won’t have you spending an entire fortune just to stay warm. Natural gas fireplaces, on the other hand, require venting and gas lines to be set up. You can also find many affordable options in the market when you are considering buying a fireplace; just make sure to read all about them before you purchase one. Reviewers at recommend buying a wall mount if you don’t have any space for your electric fireplace. This can give you the added perk of incorporating your heating system with your interior décor. 

They’re Low Maintenance 

These appliances are so easy to maintain, and provide clean heat, unlike normal fireplaces. Usually, conventional fireplaces require a lot of cleaning, because smoke, fumes, and ashes travel up your chimney. This means that you will need to do regular cleaning with a conventional fireplace, or else you will put your life at risk if the smoke stays within the chimney of your house. Luckily, this is not the case with electric fireplaces. Since there is no burning of wood involved, nor any production of smoke or fumes, the maintenance needed for this type of fireplace is easier than that of others. The only thing you need to do is switch it on and off. 

They’re Energy Efficient 

Normally, with a built-in heating system, your bills would be piling up during the winter months. Electric fireplaces have a great advantage of consuming less energy and cutting down the costs of your bills. This heating method will help you save you money, and heat up your space faster than other appliances or central heating systems. Infrared and portable space heaters also consume less electricity than your home’s central system and can lower your bills. 

They’re Safe 

Fireplaces usually stir up a lot of concerns regarding safety. This is no surprise, since they are reported to be the cause of many house fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning. They can overheat and are not safe for children considering the amount of toxic fumes that they produce. This is why electric fireplaces sound a lot safer, since you won’t need to worry about your children playing around them, or breathing in their dangerous fumes. Some models are also very advanced and shut off automatically when you are not home. Also, they tend to heat up the rooms quickly, but they are very cool to the touch. 

They Add a Stylish Vibe

This life-saving tool can offer a romantic ambiance, a warm feel to your space, and an all-year-round cozy atmosphere. This can be a great addition to your home design. There are plenty of design options that look aesthetically pleasing and suit every home. Not only does it look great, but it can provide your home with some extra storage. Whether you like traditional designs or modern ones, there is always a model out there for you. Install one of these, and you will not want to get out of your house during the winter.

The benefits of owning electric fireplaces are endless. The most important reasons, however, including keeping you warm more efficiently and saving you a lot of effort and money. If you really want to feel the coziness of your space, while sparing yourself the maintenance costs and dangers of a conventional fireplace, then an electric fireplace might be what you need.

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