7 Reasons Youngsters Love Coffee

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When was the first time that you heard about coffee or tasted it? You probably don’t even remember. Coffee is one of the earliest tastes that we can remember.

Did you know that the demand for coffee is continuously growing? Yup! Thanks to the millennials and the younger generations, the consumption of coffee is at an all-time high. The United States is the place with the highest consumption of coffee and the demand is continuously rising. There are various reasons for this rise. One of the reasons is the current trend of coffee culture. This has resulted in coffee shops, bars, and coffee houses as well as online stores that supply high-quality coffee across the world. Now you don’t have to buy only the brands that are available in the grocery stores around your place of residence. You can buy any and all brands of coffee from all around the world. 

There are other reasons as well. Here are some of the reasons why the younger generation has fallen in love with coffee:

1. Status

Whenever we use something, it is not just the product that we want, it is the entire experience. We buy Jordan’s because we have attributed a certain experience that a person can have after wearing them. We never buy a certain product just because of its functionality and practicality. The same is with coffee. When we are young, we see our elders drinking coffee and working or drinking coffee while having a chat with friends or just relaxing with a cup of coffee in their hands. 

We see them drinking coffee for energy and drinking coffee to wake up in the morning. When we grow up, we want to have the same status as our elders and one of the ways that we can do that is to do all the things that we saw them do. 

One of the things that we saw them doing a lot—and a lot meant really a lot—was drinking coffee. That is one of the reasons why young people love coffee.

2. Experience

This is one of the major reasons why the younger generation is so head over heels for coffee. But more than coffee, it has to do with the overall experience of drinking coffee at one of the latest and trendy coffee shops. No one can deny that people love sitting in coffee houses, whether they are working or not, and enjoy the theme, the environment, the constant aroma of the coffee, the different tastes and blends of coffee that are available and the people coming and going. 

You can make a lot of friends in a place like this. You can see all the types of people that frequent your local coffee joint and interact with them if you want. Even if you don’t want to interact with them, you can just take a book or your laptop, tablet, or any other device and enjoy working or reading. 

Some people might find the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop to be irritating but most people thrive off of the experience.

3. Personalization

Nowadays everything is about personalization. People want things that are unique to them and their personalities. Whether they want to buy clothes, shoes, or coffee, personalization is the need of the hour. With coffee, people have the advantage of having the choice between a plethora of types that they can choose for themselves. 

They can mix and match and come up with a unique mixture of coffee with milk or an assortment of elements that you can mix with it to create a blend that is unique to them. This need for personalization and uniqueness has really driven the sales of coffee among youngsters. 

Gone are the days when the only thing that you had was black coffee. Now you can have coffee that is flavored with fruits or chocolate or a host of other elements.

4. It doesn’t feel like work

When you are drinking coffee, your work doesn’t seem like work anymore. You can do more work with a cup of coffee than you would have done without it. Again, it has everything to do with the experience and the memories that coffee brings. Yes, it has caffeine, yes it is an energy drink and a lot of people take it to get an instant boost of energy. 

Some days the only thing that gets you out of bed is a hot, steaming cup of java. When you have a cup of coffee in your hands, you feel like you can easily accomplish the task at hand and you don’t even need to worry about the deadline or anything. Yes, that is true. But it is so much more than that. 

Coffee relaxes you and thus when you are going crazy working on multiple tasks, all the while keeping an eye on the clock; you can just get yourself a cup of coffee and rest 5 minutes.

5. Give Yourself a Break

As time passes, our lives become more and more hectic and our schedules take up more and more of our time. It doesn’t matter that we are in school, college, and not in an office. Whether you have entered your practical life or not you have this problem in your lives. Coffee seems like the perfect thing to have in your break. Sodas and other sugary drinks have a lot of sugar in them and you cannot consume them at a steady pace. 

Also, even if you are legally allowed to drink, you cannot consume alcohol all the time. Not only will it turn you into an addict, but you might also start seeing the effects on your kidneys and other organs. 

Coffee is the perfect substitute as an energy drink that you can have to revitalize yourself after a tough session of work.

6. Out with the Old, In with the New

As we have discussed before, coffee helps revitalize and re-energize you and you feel alert and ready to work after having a hot cup of steaming coffee. You cannot solve problems or look for solutions with a tired brain that is going on fumes. To refuel your tank and work away. Come up with crazy ideas that just might work.

7. Its Conversational

Have you ever tried talking to a bunch of friends without a cup of coffee in your hands? If you have, you know how weird it feels. It even sounds weird. Nothing makes more sense than coffee when you have a bunch of friends at your house, or you are at the coffee joint. 

And thanks to the coffee culture, it has become a trend that doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. You go on coffee dates, you ask your friend to meet up for a cup of coffee, etc.

That is a good trend that should keep ongoing. Coffee and conversation are just such good partners.


So, here are the seven top reasons why the younger generation is so head over heels for coffee. Let us know any more reasons that you have or share your experiences with us. Have a good day, with a cup of coffee! People love coffee and love the experience that they get when they visit one of these shops. The other reason is the massive scale of urbanization, especially in developing countries. In these countries like China and more, people emigrate from the countryside to the city. They arrive in the city, they see what things are and they start consuming it immediately. They think that it is part of being in the city. Once they start, they don’t stop.

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