Reborn Dolls – Are They The Same As The Other Dolls?

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  Most people don’t differentiate between dolls.

                For the majority, they are all the same and serve a similar purpose.

                However, not all dolls are made the same. Some of them, such as reborn dolls, have a special purpose and are focused on a certain group of people. If you’re a parent and wish to buy your daughter a new doll, you need to realize there is a big difference between regular manufactured dolls and reborn baby dolls.

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What are reborn dolls and who made them?

                You’ve probably seen reborn dolls at least once in your life. Most people don’t even realize that these items are different than regular dolls. So, what’s the big difference?

                Their name implies that they’re “reborn”. This is a term which is used to explain how these products are altered in a way and made anew.

First reborns were made during the 1930s. They were made by modifying your standard factory toys and adding things which would make them more realistic. Doll enthusiasts would place emphasis on small details such as nails, hair, eyelashes and even veins. Given that dolls were already made to resemble humans, this would drive the point even further. While big companies didn’t want to invest too much into all these small details (having in mind that the kids would be perfectly happy with just nice looking dolls), there were people who wanted their dolls to be as realistic as possible.

Doll enthusiasts appreciated the effort and “reborning” was regarded as an art form of a sort. Collectors were prepared to pay hundreds of dollars just to have one of these unique baby dolls made by the great artists of the time.

Unfortunately, reborn dolls never managed to become mainstream. Besides their high price which deterred most parents from buying them, they were also regarded as too realistic. Even though they had a short run in U.S. department stores, they were quickly removed due to negative feedback.

Fast forward.

The 1990s were breakout years for reborn dolls. Given that the collection of dolls became a global phenomenon, more and more companies wanted to participate. Besides individual artists and small companies, big companies started producing their versions of lifelike dolls. Kits for creating reborns were being sold as well so anyone could become an artist. The whole process became more inclusive and simplified.


Should I consider buying a reborn doll for my child?

                To an untrained eye, reborn dolls can be very similar to regular dolls but with a bit more details. However, all these details take effort and time. Your toddler certainly cannot appreciate them and this is one of the reasons reborns are rarely bought for small kids. In fact, mature women are the focus group.

                Another problem with these baby dolls is their price. Given that each one of them is hand-made, this means they require lots of manual labor. In turn, they will be much more expensive than your regular dolls which you can buy at any toy store. Prices for reborns range from 50$ to several thousand dollars. This price is definitely too high for a toy.

                With all that being said, it is pretty wasteful to give a child a reborn doll. As you well know, most kids will play with a toy several times and then completely forget about it. The whole situation is much worse when you consider that children love to pick apart their toys.

Based on everything I’ve mentioned so far, it is best not to give your child a reborn doll. However, it needs to be mentioned that there are some kids who love to play with them and prefer reborn dolls much more than the regular ones. Still, these kids are a bit older and a bit more respectful towards their toys.


                Reborn baby dolls are highly collectible items and there are many people who would love getting one such doll as a gift. One such item can represent a great piece of craftsmanship.

                But, if you were thinking about getting a reborn doll for your small child, better think again.

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