Reduce Risk of Food Allergy in Baby

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Food allergies are on the rise. Many children have some sort of food allergy such a peanut allergy, gluten allergy, and others. Since food allergies are so common, it’s no wonder the creator of Lil Mixins had to face that scary reality. Her first child developed multiple food allergies. When her second child came along she thought there had to be a way to reduce the risk of food allergies in baby.

That’s when Lil Mixins was born. This company aims to make an introduction to try to end food allergies. You use, when you have one child with a food allergy and another child without a food allergy, what can you do? You’ll have major anxiety trying to create food that each child can eat without contaminating the other child’s food.

That’s a difficult task that causes much anxiety.

About Lil Mixins

Introducing Lil Mixins powder mixes that make introducing tree nuts, eggs, and peanuts to your kids so much easier. With a variety of packaging options, you can easily use this Lil Mixins food powder as a way to add small amounts of the popular food allergy options into your baby’s food to try to ward off the risk of developing a food allergy.

So, here’s a little science behind Lil Mixins…

Let’s travel back in time, shall we? Between 2015 and 2018, there were a few studies conducted that found introducing your baby to small amounts of allergenic foods as early as four months of age can dramatically decrease their risk of developing food allergies. (one study –

Once these study results were in, The American Academy of Pediatrics, of course, started adjusting their recommendations of what to give your baby at a young age. They cited that parents should give their babies allergenic foods and give them as often as possible starting as soon as possible.

How do you Reduce the Risk of Food Allergy in Baby?

Lil Mixins was born. This tree nut powder, peanut powder, and powder options are the perfect way to introduce small amounts of allergenic foods to your baby. You can mix the powder into your baby food and such as a means to reduce the risk of food allergy in baby.  

Trying to deter your child from getting a dangerous food allergy can be stressful, but Lil Mixins makes it simple. This powder is recommended for babies ages 4 months plus. There are different recommendations based on which Lil Mixins powder you buy, just read the information.

All About Lil Mixins Powders

  • Lil Mixins can help you reduce the risk of food allergies in kids by introducing small amounts of tree nut, egg, and peanuts to your baby as young as 4 months.
  • Lil Mixins are Non-GMO, include zero sugars and zero salt and have no additives in their powders.
  • It provides an easy way to reduce the risk of food allergies while serving small amounts of tree nut, peanut, and egg to your baby without the risk of overloading them on these allergenic foods.

Lil Mixins help ease the anxiety of parents who are worried that their child may develop a food allergy. Slowly introducing your child, with the recommendation of a pediatrician, to allergenic foods from the baby years forward will truly help your child have a reduced risk of developing future food allergies.

You can buy Lil Mixins on their website and Amazon.

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