Renewing Your Vows with an Eternity Ring

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So you have been married for several years and you are looking for the most romantic way to reaffirm your love for your spouse. You are wondering what would be the best way to do this.

A ceremony renewing your vows is the perfect way to go. This brings the perfect opportunity to buy something special for this joyous occasion, and an eternity ring is the perfect way to show your everlasting love at such an important ceremony.

Over the years, renewing wedding vows has become a popular way of showing your continuing commitment to each other. While some choose to do small ceremonies with just family, others may choose to do an event as big as a second wedding.

Many couples choose to renew their vows for different reasons whether it’s for their children who did not get to see the ceremony the first time, or after their relationship has gone through a bit of a rough patch, or if someone has been sick or away for a while. Either way, eternity rings can be the perfect part of this great declaration of love.

What Is an Eternity Ring?

First of all, you may be wondering what exactly an eternity ring is. Sometimes referred to as the infinity ring, it is usually presented to the wife (although men wear them now too) for a special anniversary or, as mentioned before, the renewing of the vows.

The band of the ring is made of precious metal, usually gold, and it is also set with a line of gemstones, the most popular being diamonds. This is to symbolize a never-ending love. Eternity rings are different from other rings since their gemstones go all the way around the circumference of the band.


Why Should You Buy an Eternity Ring?

Why should an eternity ring be a part of the ceremony to renew the vows? First of all, it has become a tradition among the years to give these rings as a sign of continuing commitment after being with a loved one for many years.

The symbolism of a forever-type love is perfect for the renewal. It is also one of the most romantic gestures to prove you are still committing to each other.


Eternity Rings of Different Shapes and Sizes

Eternity rings do not have to be the traditional gold band and ring of diamonds. You can select the stone shape (such as round or princess), as well the type of metal (white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or rose gold). Of course, there are also a wide range of different carat sizes and prices for all budgets.

There are a variety of different gemstones that are used besides diamonds. Some of the most popular ones are rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. These rings are not easy to make, and are usually made by very skillful jewelry craftsmen, so it is no wonder why they are so special.


How Should You Wear Your Eternity Ring?

There are a few different ways an eternity ring can be worn. The most traditional way to wear the ring is on the same finger with your engagement ring and wedding band.

Sometimes, people replace their old wedding band with the eternity ring. Other people choose to wear it on their right hand when they do not want to get rid of any part of their original bridal set but also do not want to wear three rings on one finger


History of the Eternity Ring

You may be wondering how the eternity ring came to be. Dating back to around 2000 to 1800 BC, in old Egyptian hieroglyphics, the circle was shown as a symbol that represented eternity.

The Egyptians believed that the bond of marriage was so strong, it could not be stopped, even in death. When the concept of this eternal circle and the unending bond of love came together, the Egyptians came up with the idea of the wedding ring to represent the union of two people in love.

The eternity ring really is the best symbol and gift to present your loved one when renewing your vows. It is the perfect craft and design for such a promise. Whether you decide to go with a big ceremony or even a small one, this high-quality anniversary ring should be a part of it.


Some Final Thoughts

Surprising your loved one with this ring would be the best unexpected romantic gesture that they are sure to appreciate. You can also both agree to choose rings for each other or find matching rings.

When renewing your vows, you get to celebrate your commitment in front of family and friends, which shows that you are a more mature couple that still knows that they want each other after several years together. When promising to keep spending the rest of your life with your best friend and companion, this ring provides an extra sentiment to it.

If you are looking to renew your vows, the eternity ring is the perfect gift.

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