Reopening Things During The Holidays

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It’s been a long year for all of us. With the holiday season upon us, we’ve been able to open things up some, with safety being the utmost priority on everyone’s minds. Stores and restaurants around here have begun to open, and people can go about their daily routines. In other words, things have started to get back to normal

While it’s been nice to be spending more time with the family and exploring St. Pete has been excellent without a ton of people out and about, it’s also nice to know that things are calming down a little. We can go out, see people enjoying themselves, and have peace of mind once again.

The obvious concern is to stay safe during any reopening, both for your health and those of the people you come into contact with any time you’re out and about. It’s essential to follow the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, guidelines such as wear a mask in public, maintain 6 feet distance between yourself and others and avoid indoor gatherings. 

There are many benefits to reopening. Businesses can operate, jobs are available, and schools are open. People can mingle again safely. 

The reality is that by reopening, there will be more risk of exposure, exposure to the common cold, the seasonal flu, COVID-19, and other transmissible diseases. With people intermingling, it’s just a reality that exposure may happen. 

Who knows, we could see a shutdown again, and in that case, this time won’t be like the last. We have a better idea of what to do and what not to do. We’re all experienced professionals in the open/closed game this time around. Be aware of your surroundings and your risks and prepare for them.

Traveling During The Pandemic

If you decide to get out and travel, be safe, follow social distancing guidelines, and be aware of the various local public health guidance orders and guidance. The reality is that with the pandemic, every locale is going to be at different levels of dealing with the disease. 

Rules and laws in your hometown or state may be vastly different from another town, state, or country, so be sure to know the current status of what is allowable on your destination and practice safe habits. 

Whether you plan to travel for the holidays or get the travel bug itch and need to scratch it, following local health guidelines will make your trip safe and more enjoyable. 

Nobody wants to travel somewhere and then find out that local regulations require you to quarantine for 14 days before you’re allowed out of your hotel! Planning is crucial to a good trip, and you need to know before you go.

Understanding Risk For Reopening and Travel

The truth is that by reopening and traveling during the pandemic, we will be exposed to various things and people. It shouldn’t hold you back from exploring and having fun. Just be cautious and aware of your possible exposure risks. 

If you feel that you may have some concerns that you were exposed to a transmissible disease, speaking with your doctor is an excellent first step, but if you want to be discreet about your exposure risk, you can consider an at-home test. 

There are many at-home tests available to you, from a COVID-19 test to hormone level tests, even a gonorrhea test, and so much more. Most at-home tests are reasonably affordable, provide the privacy and convenience of being taken at home, are easy to use, and have quick turnaround times.

The nice thing about reopening is the opportunity to have a sense of normalcy as there have been so many disruptions to our everyday lives. But as we begin to reopen and move about our towns and cities, it’s important to still pay attention to safe practice guidelines such as washing our hands and wearing a mask. 

Regardless of what is going on in your town currently, if you are going out and about and intermingling with others, there’s a risk for exposure of some sort. Practice safe distancing and other precautions, and enjoy your adventures. 

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