Roof Maintenance Tips Can Help Strengthen Your Roof And Prevent Costly Damage

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Rain and hail can also cause damage to the tiles, and hurricane winds can tear them away and even blow the underlying decks. Over time, even a small leak in the roof can cause costly repairs. 


Roof Damage: Signs To Consider

Outside Your Home 

Inspect for missing, bent, hollowed, broken or cracked tiles. Find out if there is excessive granular loss by watching the gutters and the bursts down. 

Blisters or raised areas may appear as bubbles in the tiles when the moisture trapped between the layers of the tiles is heated and rises to the surface. These blisters can open, causing the gravel to peel off. This is more likely to happen in hot and humid areas. Algae can damage shingles over time, and a professional roof cleaner should remove them.

Inside Your Home 

Make sure the ventilation ducts of soffits, ridge, gable and roof are not blocked by insulation or storage components. Make sure the attic floor is covered with a layer of insulation without gaps to prevent air from heating or air conditioning from escaping from your home.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof

Your tiles can have a guarantee of 15, 30 or even 50 years, but they may not last as long depending on the slope of the roof, the quality of the installation, the quality of the attic ventilation and the climatic conditions in your area. If your roof shows serious signs of wear, ask a roofing professional to inspect it for you and to see if it needs to be replaced; If your roof has suffered serious hail or wind damage, contact your insurance company. The following are some things to consider before installing a new roof:

Cover An Old Roof 

If heavy snow, hail or high winds are common in your area, building codes may not cover an old roof with new roof tiles. In other areas, construction codes may only cover the roof once. When a covered roof is worn, both layers of tiles must be removed and new lower layers and tiles installed.

Choose A New Roof 

Asphalt shingles, also known as composite shingles, are the most common type of shingles used in homes. They are made with a resistant roofing felt or with a fiberglass mat, saturated with asphalt and with a layer of mineral granules on the exposed side.

The board, available in different colors and grades, is considered very durable. But it is more expensive than other roofing products, and its installation requires experience and special skills.

Metal roof products come as panels and as tiles. The panels are available in different shapes, while metal tiles are often made to look like wood and tile tiles. Metal roofs are durable and relatively light , although they can be noisy during rain or hail. Some have a Class A fire rating.

Synthetic roofing products are made to look like slate and wooden shingles and slats. Some are highly resistant to fire and impact. By following the above safety and precaution you can make your roof safe and strong for long time. For more information you should take concern with LIFT Construction. They are best to give you detail information about home and roof construction. 

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