Safest Dental Chews For Dogs

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The health of a pet is of the utmost importance to a pet owner, and by are, that involves dental health. As for the dental health of your dog, you must appreciate that chewing is a natural habit that is instinctive for dogs. Therefore, whether your dog is all grown up or is just a puppy, dental chews is an important part of their health to leverage on their chewing habits. But then, there comes the question, which are the safest dental chews for dogs? Find out below:

dog playing with blue toy

Buffalo dental chews

Using a dog grooming brush for dogs is not the only care you can offer your dog, because with Blue Buffalo dental chews, you are equally caring for your dog’s hygiene and health standards. The best thing about this type of dental chews is that it features a blend of all natural ingredients. It also is packed with ingredients that are necessary for improving joint health in dogs, for example, chondroitin.

Further, the chews do not contain poultry byproducts, wheat or corn. This makes it perfect for pet owners who prefer to put their pets on a watched special diet. According to most customer feedback, dogs love these chews particularly because of its meaty aroma.

Greenies original dental dog treats

If you are concerned that your pup has gained a lot of weight and you are trying to watch out for that, then you may want to consider the greenies original dental dog treats. This product is intentionally low on fat to care for the weight gain of dogs, and more importantly, contains essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the wellbeing of dogs, for an added nutritional value.

Based on what the manufacturers of the treats say, the greenies treats are clinically proven as oral health solutions for dogs. Pet owners who have tried the product before report that, dogs love the texture of the treats, as well as enjoy the chewing design that allows better contact of the dog’s teeth.

Pedigree dentastix large dog treats

If you are going for a vey chewy feeling, then consider the pedigree dentastix large dog treats, which have a more chewy texture than most dog chews. Another unique feature with these treats is that of fashioning an X shape which gives your dog more grip on the treat, uncommon with most treats.

Your dog is highly likely to enjoy this treat merely from the fact that it features a meaty smell and a chicken flavor, which dogs definitely love. Clinicians have gone ahead to prove this dog chew as perfect for getting rid of plague and tartar buildup.

Milk-bone brushing chews

Other than having an enticing chicken flavor, the milk-bone brushing chews are the ideal chews for the oral health of your dg in the way they are also proven to reduce tartar and plaque build-up, not to mention, leaves your dog’s breath fresher than ever. Although it contains no soy, the milk-bone dog treats are rice-based, embracing a twisted design with lots of ridges, not just for a firmer grip by your dog, but more to reach to the plaque build-up in the hard-to-reach areas.

This dog chew manufactured I the USA has ingredients totaling to 16 essential vitamins and minerals necessary for your overall dog’s health. If you are one to account for calories, know that each milk-bone chew contains 63 calories. With puppies finding these chews highly palatable, it is no surprise that these chews have been awarded the VOHC seal of acceptance, which is rare for other brands of dog chews.

Generally, remember that many puppies can chew on dental chews and suffer health issues that are related to the use of the cleaning treats, which makes it important to consider the safest dental chews for your canine friend.

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