Series Fiction Is Becoming A Popular Pillar Of The Literary Industry

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Are you interested in modern fiction? Have you ever wondered if there is an “easy way” to circumvent the usual years of “starving artist” status? If you are a writer who is looking to break into the industry on the back of a major new trend, series fiction is an avenue well worth investigating. While there are no guarantees in this or any other business, it does seem that becoming the creator of a successful literary series is an excellent way to break through to the top of an overcrowded market. There are several reasons for this major success, many of which are due directly to the Internet.Glasses on an antique book

Series Fiction Creators Are Doing Big Business In The Literary World

Many of the world’s best selling fictional series have been created within the past few decades. Literary figures, such as Daniel Handler, have experienced major success as series creators. With a bit of luck, you too can hit upon an idea for a series that will enable you to build a faithful audience in very little time. As mentioned above, the web has played a major role in this burgeoning trend. Attention spans are not quite as wide as they were in the past. Modern audiences demand stories that can broken down into bite sized bits. As a result, many authors choose to deliver their stories in series form.

Delivering Stories In Series Form Is A Necessary Concession To Readers

Authors, such as Handler and many others, have embraced this trend with open arms. The ability to deliver a story in episodic fashion has opened up a whole new way of doing business. By delivering your fiction through a digital medium, such as Amazon or many others, you can reach the public directly. You can do without the filter of a publisher in order to sell your stories straight to your audience. In order to build up an audience in the first place, you’ve got to do everything in your power to meet their needs. This is a necessary concession that will bear fruit if handled in the correct fashion.

What Does Series Fiction Have To Offer The Modern Reader?

Breaking your stories down into series form has a great many beneficial effects. Not only do readers appreciate the ability to read your latest creations in a digestible form, but they also appreciate the continuity of the experience. For example, creating a series of memorable characters that reflect the latest aspirations of the current generation is a task that is difficult enough, in and of itself. But to try to present your stories in a form that modern readers find unacceptable – that is, trying to present your tale in the form of a traditional 400 page novel – is a faux pas that few people will forgive.

Give The Fans Exactly What They Want

Series fiction avoids this problem by giving the readers exactly what they want, in a form that they are prepared to accept. This is a form that they obviously prefer, so why nose dive into oblivion by failing to meet their expectations? By adopting the form that readers prefer, you give yourself latitude to develop as a dominant and permanent presence in the literary world.

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