Set It and Forget It – The Underlying Spirit That Drives The Popularity of Eyeliner Tattooing

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Those who are tired of smudged and messy eyeliner makeup would find the right solution in the procedure of eyeliner tattoo that puts an end to their problems. You can have more defined eyelashes that maintain the natural look and remains unaffected while you go through your daily chores. Applying eyeliner every day with the right precision can be a tiresome job as most women struggle to achieve the perfect look, and the permanent tattoo is the ideal answer for it. Since this is a new makeup technique, it is natural that people would like to know about it in more details and this article should help to get the right information to draw a clear picture.

Not permanent

Although many advertisements about the latest tattooing procedure claim it to be a permanent procedure, in reality, it is semi-permanent. Indeed, it lasts much longer but surely not forever. The only reason to consider it permanent is because the pigment remains in the skin forever while the color fades with the time that diminishes its visibility and eventually vanishes some day.

Prepare for the makeup

Before you sit for eyeliner tattooing, you must prepare in advance especially if you use DIY eyelash extensions that you must remove. At least a week in advance but not lesser than two days before the procedure you must remove the extensions because if done too close to the day of the procedure there could be some glue sticking to the lash line that reacts with the tattoo ink and can cause problems. Once the liner heals after the procedure, you can apply the lashes once again. If you are using contact lenses, remove them before undergoing the procedure and do not wear them for a few days after completion of eyeliner tattooing. Following the application, the eyes might be tender or little swollen for a few days.

Types of eyeliner styles

Generally, there are two types of eyeliner styles.

  • Tightline – The procedure involves applying the pigment between the layers of your eyelashes to darken your lash line. This can cause slight lash enhancement. Tightline is much thinner than eyeliner and produces the most natural looks.
  • A step above the tight line

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