Seven Kinds of Jewelry Millennials Can’t Live Without

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Millennials rule the world. Companies are altering their products to meet the millennials’ expectations, and many cater specifically to this section of the population. 

You can witness this in the jewelry industry as well. More and more brands are coming up with designs that would potentially appeal to this age group. But what makes millennials the trendsetters?

It is a combination of various factors. There is no denying that millennials are more tech-savvy and watch jewelry shows on TV. They post reviews about their purchases, influencing other customers. They are also more conscious about what they buy.

Millennials think of jewelry as a wearable investment and are always looking for pieces that are trending. Millennials are also all about multitasking and expect the same from their jewelry. They expect to go from work to party without needing a complete outfit change.

Jewelry pieces that tick all the above boxes hold a special place in the millennial’s jewelry collection, and shungite fits the bill perfectly. Shungite jewelry is not as common as silver or gold or even platinum, lending it an aura of mystery. Shungite is a black non-crystalline stone that reveals a lustrous exterior when polished.

The beautiful black stone lends itself to various shapes, thereby offering endless possibilities in shungite jewelry designs.  Here are seven types of jewelry that millennials can’t live without. 

Shungite And Multi-Gemstone Pendant

The shungite and multi-gemstone pendant is a perfect representation of everything that millennial looks for in a piece of jewelry. It is stunning, unique, versatile and lightweight.

The elegant design features a single shungite stone that becomes the main focus of a wheel of gemstones. The wheel contains 12 gemstones, all of which are of different colors. The multi-colored gemstone along with the black shungite make this pendant a must-have piece of jewelry.

With this pendant, you will never have to worry about accessorizing any outfit as the pendant complements all colors’. The gemstones are set in sterling silver, further adding to its appeal. 

Beaded Shungite Necklace

This shungite necklace is 36 inches long. You can either wear it as a single-layer necklace or wrap it around a second time to make a double-layered one.

The black color of the shungite ensures that it pairs well with all colors, making it a versatile piece of jewelry. Since shungite is not a very shiny stone, the necklace has a muted appearance. It is perfect for a casual occasion or a bohemian look.    

Shungite Hoop Earrings

Hoops are making a comeback and they are here to stay. With many celebrities spotted wearing hoops of various sizes, it is a hot design for earrings currently.

Looking for a pair of hoops to jazz up your jewelry collection? These shungite hoops are just what you need. The sterling silver hoops are studded with oval-shaped shungite stones. The brilliantly cut stones exude a sense of royalty.

With a diameter of one inch, these hoops are just the right size. You can wear them for an evening out with your friends or for a romantic date. 

Simple Circular Pendant

Shungite has a unique appeal of its own. This simple circular pendant truly focuses on the beauty of the shungite stone. The polished stone is the main attraction of this pendant.

The two-inch circular shungite stone is placed on an elegant and minimal silver chain. The pendant is ideal for a casual outing where you just want something minimal to accessorize your look. 

Statement Shungite and Zircon Ring

Irrespective of what age group you fall into, a statement ring is a must-have. Most millennials love statement rings as they are all you need to accessorize your hands. The shungite and zircon statement ring will surely steal your heart.

The large teardrop-shaped shungite is the center of attention in this ring. The white zircon stones surrounding shungite add some sparkle to the ring. The faceted cut of the shungite makes it reflect light at various angles and you will forget that this stone does not have much of a shine. 

Elegant Shungite Bracelet

When it comes to must-haves for millennials, one cannot talk enough about bracelets. This shungite bracelet is exquisite and versatile. The simple yet versatile design makes it a timeless classic. The brilliantly cut oval-shaped shungite stones are set in platinum-coated sterling silver.    

The evergreen combination of black and silver makes this a timeless beauty. You can wear this bracelet on its own or layer it up with a few other bracelets to create a fun look. 

Triple-Row Beaded Shungite Necklace

Layered beaded necklaces are classics that never go out of style. The polished black shungite beads of this necklace have an alluring charm since shungite is an exotic stone. 

The layered necklace is perfect for a dinner party or for a date, especially with dresses or tops with a deep neckline. 

Key Takeaways

When it comes to jewelry for millennials, simplicity, elegance, versatility, and quality are key deciding factors. Shungite gemstones are relatively new and are not so common making them ideal for millennials. Shungite jewelry has an aura of its own as you can see from the pieces shown above. Consider shungite for your next jewelry purchase and keep up with the trend.  

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