Seven Things to Do as Soon as You Reach Gatlinburg

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As soon as you enter Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you will find many attractions, activities, and tourist spots. Thousands of people visit the place each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. 

It offers year-round activities with summer adventures, waterscapes, winter getaways, mountain adventures, art museums, festivals, special events, live performances, and themed concerts, among a variety of kid-friendly activities such as art competitions, dance competitions, picnic spots, Ripley’s Aquarium, coaster rides in Adventure Park, and railcar experience, all in one package only in Gatlinburg.

Therefore, when planning a family holiday, you will find interactive and immersive activities for all ages. You can even take your pets to Gatlinburg since it offers pet-friendly lodgings and take them on hikes with you. 

In addition, it offers a mix of sweeping landscapes and unparalleled natural beauty, perfect for nature walks and bird watching. You can consider it your escape from your hectic daily routine and noisy city life. It is where you can come for peace, quiet, and tranquility to recharge yourself before returning to work.

With that in mind, let us go through the most fun and exciting things to do as soon as you hit Gatlinburg.

1. Hop on the Gatlinburg Trolley

Hoping on the Gatlinburg Trolley to tour multiple color-coded routes throughout the city is among the amazing things to do in Gatlinburg TN.

The Red Route will wind you through the downtown area of Gatlinburg towards the River Road, lined with shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, museums, and other interesting spots. 

The Yellow Route will take you through Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community. It is where you will witness the creative pursuits of enthusiast artists, exotic street art, sculptures, pottery, and art galleries. 

Take the Tan Route if you love trailing through nature. It rides through several parks and campgrounds before stopping at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

You will also find purple, pink, and blue routes while onboard the Gatlinburg Trolley, but we want to encourage you to explore these on your own. 

2. Enjoy Live Comedy at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater

The Sweet Fanny Adams Theater is the only live comedy theater in Gatlinburg, so you must not miss it during your visit. You will find yourself dragged into audience participation with fits of laughter until your sides feel sore. 

It also incorporates various cultural elements, such as hip-hop, pop, jazz, traditional, and instrumental music, along with dances performed in puffy skirts and amusing quips that are certain to charm you due to the performers’ real-time talent. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a sensory overload of fun, this place is the perfect fit for you and your family. You will indulge in loud crowds and actors with different routines each time you visit. Nevertheless, you will never experience a dull moment at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater

3. Learn about the Spooky History of Gatlinburg on Ghost Walk

You will hear many stories of hauntings and ghosts during Ghost Walk that will take you through the most dreaded place of Tennessee. It will include the 19th-century cemetery known for its nighttime noises. You can take an EMF reader to detect ghost energies around you during the tour. 

You will hear about the local folklore of murders and suicides in the early days, which still haunts parts of Gatlinburg today. 

You can begin your Ghost Walk from Parkway and continue down the haunted trails. 

4. Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Thousands of tourists and families visit the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen for its mouthwatering sweet treats and an educational experience for kids. It is because you can witness the candies made before enjoying their first taste. 

While enjoying a saltwater taffy, you can see a fresh batch of chocolate prepared to be served with chilled ice cream and chocolate chip toppings. 

Other sweet varieties include fudge brownies, pecan bark, jellies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and candies. In addition, specialty desserts include moonshine taffy guaranteed to leave your taste buds satisfied. 

Therefore, if you are vacationing with your kids, take them to the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen for sweet treats and live baking. 

5. Shop for Country-Style Architecture at the Mountain Mall

While you can easily find furniture stores where you live, shopping for furniture from a vacation spot will be a different experience. In addition, you will find a variety of top-quality materials and woods to shop for. 

The Mountain Mall is more like a tourist destination than a simple retail furniture store. Here, you will witness live entertainment in the form of Appalachian folk music. At the same time, you shop, in addition to occasional dance performances from the artists. 

However, suppose you find shopping for bigger furniture items hard here. In that case, you can get unique candles, portable drawers, quilts, and woodcarvings to take home or gift someone once you get home. You can also use these items to spruce up your current lodging a bit if you want. 

6. Unwind at the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa

Plan a luxury stay at the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa with special spa treatments, including various massages, steam baths, and unparalleled amenities like concierge services, an indoor waterpark, heated pools, and a mini-golf course. 

With 60,000 square feet of a private waterpark, it covers waterslides, pools, water activities, and swimming coaches for those who yearn to learn to swim. A glass roof makes it even more interesting, giving the illusion of an open-air waterpark. 

A zip-line is nearby to pull you out of your resort and indulge in adrenaline-rush activities. 

7. Refresh and Recharge at the Wild Plum Tea Room

Surrounded by nature and wildflowers, the Wild Plum Tea Room is the perfect spot to have a luxurious mini picnic on small wooden roundtables in a wooden log cabin. 

You will find a variety of refreshments to order with your tea, including turkey sandwiches, teacakes, pies, finger fish, and mini burgers. You can also order from various teas, including milk tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, lime tea, cardamom tea, and special blend tea, among many more. 

You will find a touch of a Southwestern US restaurant in this teahouse, accompanied by tea specials from Europe, Africa, and Asia. 


As soon as you reach Gatlinburg, it would be best if you experienced these special spots for a wholesome family vacation. 

Hop on the Gatlinburg Trolley to take the areas and routes around you. Enjoy live comedy at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater, and learn about Gatlinburg’s spooky history by taking a Ghost Walk. Then you can satisfy your sweet cravings at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.

Shop for country-style furniture at the Mountain Mall. Relax at the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa and have tea at the Wild Plum Tea Room to recharge after an active day.

Indulge in all these activities for a fun-filled weekend surrounded by nature. 

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