Should I Be Serving Salmon To My Pet Dog?

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Do you adore your pets and are concerned about their health? Well, it is natural because the pets tend to become a part of our lives. They are indispensable for all of us. If you want your pet to be healthy, then you need to focus on their diet. Right nutrition will save you from endless trips to a vet.

There are times when you want to be innovative when serving food to your Canine. For example, you may wish to feed Salmon to your pet. However, you may ponder over whether it is safe to feed it to your pet dog.

We will give you detailed insight here.

Is Salmon a good meal for your Canine?

The truth is Salmon has a lot of nutritional value but we need to discuss another aspect also. It can be poisonous for your dog if not prepared properly. Keep in mind that Salmon Poisoning Disease can be fatal for you dog.

You cannot overlook the fact that the fish may have bad bacteria and parasites. The parasites can cause Vomiting, Diarrhea and Nausea. What you need to do is indulge in proper preparation when serving Salmon to your Canine.

The good news is that well-cooked Salmon can be beneficial for your elderly dogs. Your dog will develop healthy skin and coat after feeding on Salmon. If your dog is suffering from Arthritis, then cooked Salmon can be beneficial.

Salmon helps to reduce the joint stiffness and inflammation also. Well, this is why you should look for fresh Salmon recipes.

How to feed Salmon to your dog?

The essential aspect you must keep in mind is that you should serve small quantity of Salmon to your dog on a weekly basis. If you are planning to feed tinned Salmon to your dog, then mixture should comprise of brine rather than oil.

Cook Salmon in vegetable oil or virgin olive oil when feeding it to your dog. When you cook Salmon, make sure that you remove the bones. Secondly, you should remove the Salmon skin also when cooking it. The reason is that Salmon skin is high in fats.

When you feed Salmon to your dog, keep the water bowl near the dog.  If your dog still develops Diarrhea, hydration will reduce the risks. You might be wondering how to check if the Salmon is cooked.

The process is simple. You need to press down the fillet by making use of a fork. If the flesh separates easily, then this means that the Salmon is cooked. When you buy Salmon, you should also check if its fresh.

 If Salmon has a mild scent, then it means it is fresh. If it has a pungent smell, then it means that it is bad. If you keep these tips into consideration, you will not put the health of your pet on the line. However, it will not be a bad idea to consult the vet also before serving Salmon to your pet. It will be a safe strategy on your part.

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