Should Parents Keep a Humidifier in the Baby�s Room?

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Since you have taken the time to read this article, I’m assuming that you are about to set up or re-do your baby’s room. You are not quite sure whether to keep or not keep a humidifier in the room. Well, guess what? You’re not alone to have your doubts. I too wasn’t sure if a humidifier is necessary or safe for my baby. So I spoke to my pediatrician and read countless blogs on this topic to get an idea. As it turns out, humidifiers are a must-have in a baby’s nursery. These sleek and compact devices not only keep the relative humidity at an optimal level but also purify the ambient air. If you are still not convinced, let me explain the amazing health benefits of these devices for newborns and young kids:

  1. Say Goodbye to Stuffy Nose and Irritated Sinuses

Babies are extremely sensitive to even the smallest change in temperature and humidity. That’s why cold and dry weather is especially rough on our little ones. Cold sores, congested chest, and nose, ravaged sinuses are the most common dry weather health issues they face. A cool-mist humidifier for baby will release a cool, soothing steam that’ll instantly relieve your baby from the above symptoms. It will create a soothing ambiance, helping your kid peacefully snooze through the night. Why a cool-mist humidifier and not warm, you ask? While a warm mist humidifier has the same set of functionality, the device can get really hot. If your kid touches it accidentally, his delicate skin could be scalded with steamy water. 

  1. No More Itchy Skin and Chapped Lips

A baby’s skin is 2x times more tender than an adult’s skin. Lack of moisture in the air can leave this sensitive lips chapped and skin super dry. Dry skin is the root cause of skin ailments e.g rashes, redness and inflammation. By elevating the moisture level, a humidifier will keep your kid’s skin soft and healthy, just the way it deserves to be.

  1. Inhale Pure and Fresh Air

Harmful airborne virus, germs, and bacteria are the last things you want to come in contact with your baby’s lungs. There are innumerable pathogens that thrive the best in a dry climate. A lot of advanced humidifier models serve as air purifiers too by eliminating pathogens and contaminants. ConclusionHumidifiers are a godsend for baby rooms. If you have a finicky baby who simply refuses to sleep, getting a humidifier can make your job easier. Apart from improving air quality and humidity level, some models also feature soothing night lights and lullaby player. The combination of soft glowing light, white noise in the background and cool refreshing air will put the fussiest baby to deep slumber. {Author Bio: I am Sujana Wilson, mom of 2 adorable kids and a very passionate mommy blogger. Check out my site to take a peek.}

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