Show Support with Thoughtful Shiva Baskets

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Shiva baskets are sympathy gifts that help convey your condolences to a family that is currently sitting shive in order to honor their loved one who has recently passed. 

Traditionally shiva is sat the seven days after leaving the burial and is completed by the immediate family. It is a quiet, reflective time, and it is customary for members of the community and family to come by and drop off food and sustenance for those sitting shiva.

The traditional Shiva basket is typically filled with nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, or fresh fruits and is meant to provide nourishment.

Grief is All Around Us

Now more than ever, we are comforting friends and family around us who have lost a loved one. This can be one of the most challenging times in someone’s life as no one is ever really prepared to lose someone they love.

Showing your support and love to someone who is grieving can make all the difference. In this post, we are going to discuss a few of the items that make for kind and thoughtful shiva baskets for those in your family and community who are dealing with unexpected grief during this time.

First, A Sympathy Card

This one feels too simple, but it is a tried and true traditional method that is appropriate and kind. Especially if you didn’t know the deceased well but still want to send your good wishes to the grieving to show your support and lend a shoulder during this time, it’s incredible how something so small or so simple can brighten someone’s day.

Next, A Gift Basket

There is hardly anything out there more comforting than food. A gift basket is a most thoughtful gift to take to those who are sitting shiva after the passing of a loved one.

A gift basket can come in many shapes and forms, and many kosher options will make an excellent Shiva gift. Depending on the size of the family, the different sized trays can be combined to add variety and feel perfectly tailored to their needs. Many options include delicious nuts and an abundance of chocolates that make for the perfect statement of condolence and care.

Safe Shiva Options During a Pandemic

These gift baskets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes can be delivered almost anywhere via the mail, safely, so the chocolate does not melt. In our current time of crisis, it can be hard to know exactly how to support someone from afar during their time of loss, especially since putting your own health at risk is an actual issue we each face every day.

Nothing says I’m sorry for your loss, quite like a beautiful tray full of chocolatey treats and nuts that can provide what the family needs safely and healthily.

Satisfied Shipping Needs

Shiva baskets also have a speedy turnaround. We understand that you need to quickly and safely send your gift to those who are grieving without worrying about the weather. Our gift boxes are packed in heat resistant packaging that can protect your sympathy gift during a standard two-day shipment.

A Hug from Afar That is Surrounded in Chocolates

In conclusion, shiva baskets aren’t a new concept, but in our current times, these treat boxes’ availability helps us share our feelings through sharing food, especially when it is not especially safe for us to share space. And there is nothing more powerful than a good meal.

Send your friends and loved ones exactly what they need while grieving those they love in a thoughtful, healthful, quick, and safe way.

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